How many PR companies post fake reviews online?

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Hello, blog post reader! Get every post for free by subscribing to my RSS feed via email or reader. Wanna talk cannabis? Check out my podcast.You’re back! Ready for the Burning Bush podcast? iTunes link.Fake reviews on sites such as Yelp, iTunes and Amazon are usually pretty easy to spot, but that doesn’t make it okay. While I can understand … Read More

Tyler HurstHow many PR companies post fake reviews online?

Talking with ABC15 about fake reviews

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I hate fake reviews and I hate the PR companies, that should know better, even more for promoting this kind of thing. I know promotion is part of the job, but lying about it isn’t really the answer. Look, I’m on the TV! Going to make a judgment call and say that my blue, checked shirt is not exactly TV … Read More

Tyler HurstTalking with ABC15 about fake reviews

36 hours in NYC

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I just got back from a short 36 hours in the greatest city on earth. After spending two nights and one day in NYC to attend the Shankman Holiday Party, take pictures of Rockefeller Center and FaceTime with Katie in the 5th Ave Apple Store, I came to a realization in a Dramamine-induced dream on my flight home. I am … Read More

Tyler Hurst36 hours in NYC

Phoenix Startup Digest keeps tabs on latest startup news

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It’s not easy to keep track of startup companies. They can come and go pretty quickly, and even if they do last beyond a few months, their founders are usually too busy working to publicize themselves much. By the time they do get mainstream attention, it can be tough to track them down. Phoenix Startup Digest is here to solve … Read More

Tyler HurstPhoenix Startup Digest keeps tabs on latest startup news

Is your industry boring?

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It takes a lot to keep people’s attention these days. From the constant onslaught of poor economic news to a never-ending stream of hate spewed from every political angle and sites like AZCentral providing updates seemingly only concerning the weather, immigration or whatever accident sells better, it feels like doom and gloom sells. Is that because we’re mostly bored? Are … Read More

Tyler HurstIs your industry boring?

I can’t believe it’s not Spanx! – Compression Shirts Day 3 Review

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When I think of tank tops, I think of wife beaters. When I think of wife beaters, I think of rednecks. When I think of rednecks, I think of a guy in a wife beater doing his best to look tough. This tank top from Sculptees, courtesy of Fresh Pair, is the last of three compression shirts sent to me … Read More

Tyler HurstI can’t believe it’s not Spanx! – Compression Shirts Day 3 Review

Is popularity a problem?

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Peter Shankman may very well be the world’s first Social Media Socialite. PR pro/author Richard Laermer doesn’t like it. Is the PR industry hurt when personalities shine brighter than the clients they represent? No one likes a loser, especially clients. They want the best and the brightest, and what better way is there to judge how good someone might be … Read More

Tyler HurstIs popularity a problem?

Spanx Me – Day Two of My Compression Shirts Review

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(Fresh Pair sent me three pairs of men’s compression shirts this week. Their designed to enhance pecs, reduce gut and make us non-hardbodies look a little less soft. I’m posting daily, and will have a video review of them all after.) Okay, I didn’t REALLY wear men’s Spanx yesterday. The brand I had on was Equmen and it was quite … Read More

Tyler HurstSpanx Me – Day Two of My Compression Shirts Review

The smartest thing I ever did was…

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(Hugh MacLeod’s Gaping Void series is one of my absolute favorites. His latest newsletter inspired me to instantly write this next passage. While there are, um, certain considerations I’ve yet to meet (but I will!), I didn’t want to save what I was thinking for a more appropriate time.) To Katie– The smartest thing I ever did was fall in … Read More

Tyler HurstThe smartest thing I ever did was…

I’m wearing men’s Spanx today

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Apparently Spanx just isn’t for women looking to flatten their bellies and bootify their rears. They have Spanx for men now, too. And no, the kind I’m wearing doesn’t enhance my package or bootify my rear. It’s a shirt designed to de-mantitty my pecs and flatten my belly a little bit. While Katie claims I’m not fat, my Wii says … Read More

Tyler HurstI’m wearing men’s Spanx today

Non-boring networking events

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It’s 7am and I’m waiting for everyone to get here so I can have a bowl of Apple Jacks. Last night, I spent two hours with four other Linchpins. The former event, labeled Cereal Bar, is Gangplank’s take on the typical morning networking event. Instead of showing up somewhere foreign, filling out a name tag, snacking on terribly-sugary pastries and … Read More

Tyler HurstNon-boring networking events

WordCamp Phoenix set for end of January 2011

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Too much learning is never a bad thing. WordCamp Phoenix, to be held January 26-30 2011, offers hours and hours of just the kind of learning anyone in the PR industry can benefit from. Whether you’re looking to brush up on some WordPress skills, would like tips to give to clients or just need to connect with local freelancers to … Read More

Tyler HurstWordCamp Phoenix set for end of January 2011

Jon Klein on trust in the news

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Why we trust who we do fascinates me. With so many information sources available, what makes anything, even broadcast or cable news, stand out? Jon Klein says viewers trust sources, usually networks, that presents news in a way that agrees with its political ideology. Regardless of fact, as long as new sources live up to their market positioning, viewers will … Read More

Tyler HurstJon Klein on trust in the news

Real-Time PR

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Brian Solis and David Merman Scott make their living preaching about the necessity to be involved in real-time communications across the web. Scott claims that social media isn’t just for sharing and socializing, it’s actually better suited to be labeled real-time media and used as a customer service tool. I agree, with Scott especially. According to him, tomorrow is too … Read More

Tyler HurstReal-Time PR

Hello PR People

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The role of PR in a world without gatekeepers has long confused me. Although you all claim to work with your clients to manage their public image, PR has long been the yin to old media’s yang. It’s not public relations, it’s press relations and you know it. But that’s okay. That’s a job that needs to get done. My … Read More

Tyler HurstHello PR People

Katie Dancing

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I’m not a big video game guy. I was a Nintendo fan when I was a kid, but I was more interested in Nintendo Power than stockpiling a bunch of games. I bought a Nintendo 64 for Goldeneye while in college, a Playstation 2 years later and a Wii a year after it came out. But after spending nine weeks … Read More

Tyler HurstKatie Dancing

How do you care for an ailing parent?

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I’ve never had to care for an ailing parent. Never had to check them into a nursing home, never had to arrange for hospice care and never had to act as a guardian for the two people that raised me. I hope I never have to, but I know someday it will come down to me, my brother or sister … Read More

Tyler HurstHow do you care for an ailing parent?

Linchpin inspires food drive

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I’m a Seth Godin fan. His latest, Linchpin, inspired me to do a helluva more than any book I’ve ever received. So much that I’ve given seven copies as gifts, including one to my dad. In Linchpin, Godin often mentions the importance of gifts as a way of spreading your art. We give with no expectation of return in hopes … Read More

Tyler HurstLinchpin inspires food drive

My Oh My – Dave Niehaus passes

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I didn’t fall asleep listening to music, crickets or the wind when I was a kid. I fell asleep listening to Dave Niehaus call Mariners games. From the first pitch in 1977 to the last of 2010, Niehaus was the voice of the team that I will always call mine. From the crappy teams of the 80s, to the excitement … Read More

Tyler HurstMy Oh My – Dave Niehaus passes

Did RSS readers die, too?

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There is no substitute in the digital or even analog world for an item, service or software that does one thing very well. From iPods to Garmin watches and Simplenote to Photo Booth, anything designed for one particular purpose is usually numerous times better than something designed for many. Take my daily assortment of most-used applications, like Hootsuite, Google Reader, … Read More

Tyler HurstDid RSS readers die, too?

SEO is dead?

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It’s been a tough month for web stuff. First, the web died, then social media and now SEO. Although I heartily agree with the first two, the last one is more than a bit dubious. As social sharing technologies mature, it’s obvious content will be optimized to catch that wave. Remember the first one? Remember how everything on the web … Read More

Tyler HurstSEO is dead?

Why do we distrust smart people?

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It’s become cool to be uninformed. It’s become cool to distrust smart people. Whether you know every woman The Situation has brought home, the past five shows worth of American Idol finalists or watched every Twilight movie, TV and movies have replaced reading as a way of staying informed. I’ll admit that many people don’t find books entertaining, and I … Read More

Tyler HurstWhy do we distrust smart people?

Social media is dead

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Social media is dead. Not dead as in it’s going to stop being relevant tomorrow, but dead as in it’s not going to grow anymore. We’ve reached our limit. Facebook is huge. Time spent on Twitter is huge. Everyone who wants a blog has one. The Millennials and whatever generation that came after them don’t even have a blog or … Read More

Tyler HurstSocial media is dead

The word of the day is scenius

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The word of the season is scenius. Without the success of conferences like Phoenix Design Week (PhxDW) and PodcampAZ , facilities/communities like Gangplank and the hard-working, hard-playing scenesters of the Valley, CenPhoCamp wouldn’t exist. CenPhoCamp exists to bridge the gap between those in the know with those who want to learn. It’s here to build on the inspiration that events … Read More

Tyler HurstThe word of the day is scenius

The Inigo Montoya guide to poorly used Phoenix terms

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As downtown Phoenix slowly grows into a real urban core, I’ve heard many terms, phrases and promises regarding what we’d be able to do. From CityScape to the Jackson Street Project and Civic Space to a new skate facility at Deck Park, activists and urban planners have had a helluva time making claims about what was going to happen. Here … Read More

Tyler HurstThe Inigo Montoya guide to poorly used Phoenix terms

Strippers, blow and guns?

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There’s no room for self pity in the business world. There’s no place for self doubt in the creative world. There’s no reason to complain if it’s not a step toward a solution. And here I am doing all three. Business isn’t going so well. Clients have scaled back or I haven’t met expectations (though they never actually tell me … Read More

Tyler HurstStrippers, blow and guns?

10 questions I’ve always wanted to ask women

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There are so, so many things I’ve wanted to know about people who aren’t like me. If you’re a woman, a minority, not from the US or really anything but a 31-year-old white dude from Seattle who now lives in AZ, I want to know what makes you tick. The Champ at helped with the black people questions. Ladies, … Read More

Tyler Hurst10 questions I’ve always wanted to ask women

Questions I’ve always wanted to ask a black person

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In case you’re an angry Portlander hoping to make me look bad, know this was written in response to and was meant to be a discussion on race. If you’re really going to go after a white guy for reading a black dude’s blog, liking a post, and then asking if he could do his version of it, go … Read More

Tyler HurstQuestions I’ve always wanted to ask a black person

How To Blog Like An Asshole

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Nearly every blogger or writer has done it. Once your work reaches a certain reader or viewership level, the writing becomes less about what you have to say and more in the way you are saying it, in a attempt to emphasize their own importance to what is being written. They become less of a storyteller and more of an … Read More

Tyler HurstHow To Blog Like An Asshole

Surprise 40th Wedding Anniversary

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Getting married is easy. Staying married seems much harder. In a time when around half of all couples get divorced, the ability to get married, buy a house, raise kids, start and close a small business and work as an independent salesman (my dad) or work as a career specialist for two high schools (my mom) and still stay married … Read More

Tyler HurstSurprise 40th Wedding Anniversary

Everything feels like it belongs there

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Every time I come home I feel a twinge of nostalgia. From my parents’ house to my grade school and my first job to my first girlfriend, every significant moment in the first 24 years of my life happened in or near Kent, WA. For many of the people I grew up with, this familiarity convinced them to stay and … Read More

Tyler HurstEverything feels like it belongs there

More Fantasy Football Auction Draft action

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(There is nothing like a Fantasy Football Auction Draft, but I’ve only participated in one. Here are even more ideas for my ultimate draft.) Most of us are not athletes anymore. While we still love sports, the idea that we’d be able to play more than a few games of basketball, 7ish innings of softball or more than two hours … Read More

Tyler HurstMore Fantasy Football Auction Draft action

Phoenix coffee shops as high-school chick stereotypes

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You’d think that everyone who grew up near Seattle would be a coffee expert. Having been exposed to wave after wave of new coffee shops, all Seattle residents and the outlying suburban dwellers would be gifted with an innate ability to pick the best beans, roast them at a particular temperature and be able to tell the difference once you’ve … Read More

Tyler HurstPhoenix coffee shops as high-school chick stereotypes

In-N-Out versus Five Guys – who has the better burger?

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I’m not much of a burger connoisseur. I’ve never ground my own meat, think the Angus mushroom and Swiss from McDonalds is pretty good and don’t often grill in my backyard. I like my steaks medium rare, toppings kept to a minimum and my buns fresh. Like any man’s man, I do get the craving for the occasional burger, though … Read More

Tyler HurstIn-N-Out versus Five Guys – who has the better burger?

My ultimate Fantasy Football Auction Draft

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Having been a sports fan my entire life, most notably baseball, I’ve always been enthralled by the statistics part of the sports section. Number upon numbers representing averages, totals and splits. Massive amounts of data that was continually updated, almost like a puzzle that’s being created as it’s being put together. Statistics blew my tiny frickin’ mind. Although I disliked … Read More

Tyler HurstMy ultimate Fantasy Football Auction Draft

90 photos in 90 days

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Being a photographer has a certain cachet that on the visual artists can truly appreciate. They use equipment available to most anyone, choose their subject based on instincts we all possess and manage to create an image that most of could not replicate organically. The best are able to pause time in a way that we know isn’t real yet … Read More

Tyler Hurst90 photos in 90 days

An Open Letter To Daniel Gerous

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Dear Daniel Gerous: Yeah, hi. I’m a fan. Of Gangplank, that is. Yep, been a fan for a while now, back when Gangplank was still mostly an idea. Back when Gangplank wasn’t physical and was shielded from what we could see, feel, or smell. There were no expectations back then. If we wanted to be a part of Gangplank, we … Read More

Tyler HurstAn Open Letter To Daniel Gerous

That’s enough

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I’m sorry for my contributing to making stupid people famous.

Tyler HurstThat’s enough

Tweet House – Party – USS Midway

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There’s no way partying on an aircraft carrier should be legal. Sure, it’s not like it’s in service nor do they even allow public access to the really cool areas, but there’s something that feels naughty about striding onto the massive ship. Massive the say the least. Holy crap, I’ve never seen anything not on land that was this big. … Read More

Tyler HurstTweet House – Party – USS Midway

Apple has lost the magic

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I turned on my first Apple computer in 1986. It took me ten minutes to figure out how to turn it off, and since then I’ve been hooked. I spent long hours in my dad’s print shop playing on every new Mac we’d get (Mac Plus, Mac SE, Mac II, Mac TV, to name a few). My familiarity in screwing … Read More

Tyler HurstApple has lost the magic

My brother – mini celebrity

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Why my brother won’t get his own blog, or at least a Posterous account, is beyond me. Until then, I’ll keep posting these because I think they’re hilarious. I have no idea what TW means. Is it his bike? Note the Apple sticker on the front mud guard. Is that what they call that part over the wheel? I know … Read More

Tyler HurstMy brother – mini celebrity

Letter after the Linchpin meetup

Tyler HurstStories3 Comments

Received this letter the night I hosted the Linchpin meetup at Gangplank. She worked for a former client of mine whose contract with me ended abruptly. I’ve changed the company name, but the rest is her. Made me feel good and bad at the same time. Subject: Saw you on TV tonight Hello Tyler. I am not sure if you … Read More

Tyler HurstLetter after the Linchpin meetup

iPhone 4 Live Blog

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There are few things geekier than waiting in line for a movie. iPhone 4 would be one of them. Starting at 5am on June 24, I’ll be in line at the Biltmore Apple Store patiently awaiting the doors to open at 7am so I can get my hands on a preordered iPhone. If you’re reading this after 5am on June … Read More

Tyler HurstiPhone 4 Live Blog

Social Media Confessions

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Social media was supposed to save us. The power of the people, the intelligence of the crowds and real-time connectivity was the answer to our prayers. For years we had been kept in the dark or outright lied to about what was happening in the world. We believed in our leaders and trusted big companies in power to do what … Read More

Tyler HurstSocial Media Confessions

The Jane NYC

Tyler HurstReview3 Comments

(Much thanks to regional traveler and aspiring author Wayne Turner, who’s currently on sabbatical penning a novel about dating, for the heads up on The Jane. Oh, and he really is 5’8″.) There aren’t many hotels to stay in Manhattan that are under $200 AND give you enough peace of mind to sleep at night. Sure, hostels are an option, … Read More

Tyler HurstThe Jane NYC

Who’s the guy?

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(More unedited goodness from my bro. This stuff cracks me up.) Check out my posts. I’m a posting maniac. I have to upload the pics to photobucket and then link them to the site. Whose that guy with the sweet muddy bikes in the back of his nice truck, thats me, I’m the guy.

Tyler HurstWho’s the guy?

These are the emails I get from my brother

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The things that my family shares with each other is hilarious. From my bro: I have needed a nice cordless drill for a while now. I missed a good sale at Big R a few months ago and came across this sale at ACE. Regularly it was $160 but on sale for $120 and had a $20 rebate. So I … Read More

Tyler HurstThese are the emails I get from my brother

Goodbye to The Kid

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(This post was selected for a tribute to Griffey blog.) I have been, and always will be, a Seattle Mariners baseball fan. From the confines of the ugly Kingdome to the majesty of Safeco Field, I’ve been there for their horrific losses in the 80s, their coming of age in the early and mid 90s, again with the suckiness of … Read More

Tyler HurstGoodbye to The Kid

Memorializing those before us

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Lay those to rest who forged the path, and honor them by doing the most we can with what we have. It’s Memorial Day. I’ve never fired a gun with intent to kill. I’ve never served in the armed forces. I’ve never volunteered to spend years away from my loved ones in a foreign country. I’ve never spent time in … Read More

Tyler HurstMemorializing those before us

Scribe SEO works for me

Tyler HurstReview2 Comments

Writing a story is fairly simple. Pick a topic, determine a theme and give it some sort of plot. Most online writers don’t have to worry too much about word count, keywords and tags. Well, unless you want everyone to find it, because ‘though content rules, if no one can find it, no one can read it. Enter Search Engine … Read More

Tyler HurstScribe SEO works for me

My HARO experience

Tyler HurstReview18 Comments

When I watched the nightly news as a kid, I always wondered how news stations picked people to interview. Was it random? Was there an application process? Thankfully, a few years in journalism showed me it was connected people that always seemed to get sourced. Guys like Richard Laermer do it all the time. So much in fact, he wrote … Read More

Tyler HurstMy HARO experience

Proud to know Mark Dudlik

Tyler HurstReview7 Comments

Mark Dudlik is a bit of an enigma. He either hates people or is scared of them, and seldom ventures outside of his work-to-home-and-back routine. In fact, most people who Dudlik counts as friends hardly ever see him. Whether he suffers from some sort of disorder or just doesn’t like anyone is irrelevant. He managed to put most of that … Read More

Tyler HurstProud to know Mark Dudlik

Who’s that guy? My bro.

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Love that my brother gets excited about stuff like this. My entire family probably looked at these pictures and thought about how fun it was. Well, maybe not my sister. She was probably too busy mixing vanilla vodka and Diet Coke. I’m that guy you see going down the freeway and you say, “Man, he’s lucky.” or “Geez, I should … Read More

Tyler HurstWho’s that guy? My bro.

Share your art and become one of the #100ppl

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Hugh Macleod’s Gaping Void series rocks. I’m a fan. #100ppl is an experiment to see what a group of highly-connected, highly-passionate art lovers can do with their appreciation. To find out how, simply follow the instructions on #100ppl and see the results start to populate on #100ppl. Let’s share our passions. We’re on Facebook, too.

Tyler HurstShare your art and become one of the #100ppl

Gaping Void – #100ppl

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Art is meant to be shared. Art is meant to be discussed. I’m a huge Gaping Void fan and want to know why YOU buy, collect or just look at Hugh MacLeod’s work. If you’d like to be on the list, pick a favorite Gaping Void print, write a blog post about it and send me the link via whatever … Read More

Tyler HurstGaping Void – #100ppl

Organic and natural food companies are ignoring their customers. Why?

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Conferences like Expo West are quite a good time. Ripe with natural products, organic foods and healthy treats, companies that exhibit at Expo West cater to a very specific type of customer. And, for the most part, these companies are completely ignoring those that would buy their products. Their business model is simple and traditional. Find distribution, send them a … Read More

Tyler HurstOrganic and natural food companies are ignoring their customers. Why?

Why I don’t use Foursquare, Gowalla or any other location-based services (anymore)

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The concept behind location-based services like Foursquare and Gowalla is fantastic. Check in using GPS, see who you know (or who you don’t) is around and maybe even earn a free drink or discounted meal. It’s like playing a massive game of bingo and it’s fun. For a while. (Now that Twitter and Facebook are both rolling out similar services, … Read More

Tyler HurstWhy I don’t use Foursquare, Gowalla or any other location-based services (anymore)

What can 100 people do with their love of art?

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Art is a gift. It changes the giver AND the recipient. But art, like a a true straight line, doesn’t actually EXIST. All we can see is the physical representation of the artist’s true vision of the world. And for this, we should all be grateful. I’ve purchased ONE piece of art in my entire life. Just one. Hugh Macleod’s … Read More

Tyler HurstWhat can 100 people do with their love of art?

Who’s your Tyler Durden?

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Motivational books are mostly ridiculous, as is nearly anything written by a self-proclaimed life coach ((Escape From Cubicle Nation, by Pam Slim, is a worthy exception)). But why would anyone capable of doing great work need inspiration from a book solely designed to do so? Don’t great artists get inspired by more everyday things like rocks, hippies and conversations with … Read More

Tyler HurstWho’s your Tyler Durden?

Everything on the internet is free

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Nearly everything I use online is free. My email, the software that runs my blog and most of the websites I visit. Most people will tell you that this is how the internet should remain. Bullshit. Nothing online is free. Every blog costs time, every app costs money and every program is created by someone looking to solve a problem. … Read More

Tyler HurstEverything on the internet is free

Escape from Cubicle Nation

Tyler HurstReview5 Comments

Cover via Amazon Yes, I received a copy of this book for free. Yes, I left it in NYC and then purchased the audiobook and listened to it. Once. But I never wrote anything about it. I never followed Pam Slim‘s rules, I never bothered to make a plan and I didn’t think to take responsibility for my own business … Read More

Tyler HurstEscape from Cubicle Nation

Podcasting–Advertiser’s Dream

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Image via Wikipedia Why in the hell aren’t you podcasting? Yes, I know it’s time consuming and yes, I know the cost is mildly prohibitive and yes, I know that editing isn’t easy. If that seems too hard for you, try the next best thing. Advertise on podcasts. Podcast listeners are usually more affluent, more influential and more informed than … Read More

Tyler HurstPodcasting–Advertiser’s Dream

Five things every event must have

Tyler HurstReview8 Comments

Image by tdhurst via Flickr There are far too many bad events out there. From events about Twitter to marketing events that seem cloned, it’s tough to stand out and be useful. Here are five things every successful event must do: 1. Make the event about the participants, not the speakers or the organizer. -SOUNDS easy, but it’s tough not … Read More

Tyler HurstFive things every event must have

Ten ways running is like business

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1. Never leave anything for the way back No matter the distance you plan to run, always go a little further. Plot a route and when you get to the halfway point, go a bit further. Just like in business, under-promise and over-deliver. You’ll be better for it. 2. Stop going in circles I never, ever run on a track. … Read More

Tyler HurstTen ways running is like business

Smackdown on BlogTalkRadio

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What is web 3.0? How about web 2010? Should we care? Does it matter? Why is Foursquare dangerous? How many times do I interrupt people? Find out all this and more on BlogTalkRadio, hosted by Steven Groves.

Tyler HurstSmackdown on BlogTalkRadio

Smackdown on BlogTalkRadio

Tyler HurstBlog1 Comment

We get what web 2.0 is. It’s about us, talking to ourselves. But it’s time to talk about what’s next. Now that we have a flood of information coming at us from every angle, we need filters. Smart ones, not dumb filters that can’t think for themselves, but constantly adapting methods of giving us ALL the data we need and … Read More

Tyler HurstSmackdown on BlogTalkRadio

Guys have (weight) issues too

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Guys have always been taught that weight seldom matters. Be rich, be powerful, be successful and women will flock to you. But it matters. To some of us, it matters more than others. To begin: I’ve been bulimic. I’ve been diagnosed bipolar, ADHD and clinically depressed. I’ve weighed as much as 245lbs and as little as 155lbs. I’ve gained and … Read More

Tyler HurstGuys have (weight) issues too

140 Characters is the best Twitter book yet

Tyler HurstReview13 Comments

Email changed the way we communicate. Texting changed the way we write. Twitter changed the way we think about writing. Seriously. Communication is becoming more succinct. It’s more targeted. Dom Sagolla’s new book 140 Characters (affiliate link) explains exactly that. As one of the 14 founders of Twitter, @dom has an unmatched perspective on Twitter’s conception, but that’s not really what the book … Read More

Tyler Hurst140 Characters is the best Twitter book yet

PhxDW Recap

Tyler HurstReview6 Comments

It all started with a letter. Phoenix Design Week, the largest independent design fair the Valley has ever seen, was conceived, planned and executed solely by the collaboration of a large group of volunteers. PhxDW was created to showcase what makes our home a player on design’s world stage. Spearheaded by the reclusive Mark Dudlik, PhxDW is the solution to … Read More

Tyler HurstPhxDW Recap

My brother the hunter (w/ pics)

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I’m two years older than my brother and almost three inches shorter. He bought his first car before I did, got married before I did and learned to be an adult waaaaay before I did (or will, I suppose). We share a love of playing wiffleball and catch, and the occasional video game, although he’s convinced I cheated at them … Read More

Tyler HurstMy brother the hunter (w/ pics)

Purple Cows, Tribes and Brandjacking

Tyler HurstReview10 Comments

Picture a giant billboard, half-filled with everything anyone says about you. Good, bad or ugly, it’s all up there for the world to see. Let’s also say you’re a rather public person, so a good portion of the commenters are haters or complainers. If I told you that I’d sell you the other half for a monthly fee so you … Read More

Tyler HurstPurple Cows, Tribes and Brandjacking

New tshirt!

Tyler HurstReview2 Comments

New shirt, courtesy of @brandxtshirts. Thanks to for the video.

Tyler HurstNew tshirt!

More funny from my sister

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I sent my family the twitpic linked to below. Never one to pass up a chance to make fun of me, here’s my sister’s response. No, she’s not on Twitter, but she should be. Hi @BdHurst_7312009_deviledegg_bluebird_Tony, I’m confused: “Star crossed lovers @tdhurst and @beveykidd first date @gangplank“: 1. When did @tdhurst become a star? 2. Does @tdhurst have a girlfriend? … Read More

Tyler HurstMore funny from my sister

Luxury brands and social media

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Buyers of luxury goods aren’t like most of us. They aren’t concerned with price, they aren’t concerned accessibility and they aren’t concerned with having lots of options. They want the best. I want to know what makes those consumers different. I want to know how luxury car, watch, consumer electronic, fashion and shoe companies can use social media to reach … Read More

Tyler HurstLuxury brands and social media

Here a Ford, there a Ford

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I’m not a car guy. I can check my oil, I can change my tires and I can replace the air filter. Anyone beyond that and things get fuzzy. Imagine my surprise when Ford’s PR team contacted me for a test drive, along with (at least) @austinmiles, @dpatricklewis and @fortyagency, to test out and share my thoughts on the 2010 … Read More

Tyler HurstHere a Ford, there a Ford

The road to 13.1 miles

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You want to accomplish something? Make a goal. Work at it. Get through the dip. And if that goal is anything fitness related, find a good gym. I finally have one. Competitive Fitness is a Crossfit gym, which means they don’t use weights in the traditional way. No bench press, no bicep curl stations and no Soloflex machines, just lots … Read More

Tyler HurstThe road to 13.1 miles

Kabuki responds to customer tweet during Happy Hour

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Had this sent to me by Julia72 last night. Great story of a restaurant using social media monitoring appropriately, responding directly to customers needs and earning some great props in the process. Her words are in italics. I was in a sushi place tonight for happy hour waiting for some friends to show up. I asked if they had any … Read More

Tyler HurstKabuki responds to customer tweet during Happy Hour

Chris Anderson is so, so wrong

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This man, who apparently thinks the future of everything is Free, refuses to use the words journalism and media in some attempt to reshape the way he views the world. In this interview, he says he doesn’t read newspapers, but then admits to reading articles sent to him through RSS or Twitter. What he’s saying is that media and journalism … Read More

Tyler HurstChris Anderson is so, so wrong

Gangplank: an idea, not a building

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Communities require a sense of place. Communities require good people. Communities require a certain kind of attitude. Combine that with businesses that have something to sell and you have something special. Gangplank is the embodiment of everything above. It’s inclusive, it’s useful and it’s spreading. If you don’t get it, stop thinking of it as a building, think of it … Read More

Tyler HurstGangplank: an idea, not a building

Ideas, not pricey production, rule

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These guys at least LOOK like rock stars. Man, remember when making music videos use to be expensive and really hard? Love this bit made by brothers Kelley and Michael Robinett (and Kelley’s kid…I think). I wonder how much companies would have paid an agency to do something like this? Sure the production value could use some work, but the … Read More

Tyler HurstIdeas, not pricey production, rule

Love the #140conf, but really?

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Standards promote usability. Standards allow us to easily share ideas, work on projects together and access information anywhere. So why did 140conf creators choose RAYViewer for their rebroadcast of the 140conf? I have no flippin’ idea. We can’t download it to watch it during a commute or easily show it off to our friends. (edit: apparently you can watch presentations … Read More

Tyler HurstLove the #140conf, but really?

Thank you for being a friend…

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Join Don and friends for a goodbye at Sidebar tonight (Monday, June 22nd) at 8:30pm. I’ll be there in spirit. He’s worked at the Apple store. He’s worked for a music mag. He started a modern design mag. He started an entertainment mag. He’s a photographer, dog owner and member of the YMCA. He supported downtown. He went to museums. … Read More

Tyler HurstThank you for being a friend…

Logan’s (my sister) tips for a safe holiday weekend

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In response to my mother, who told us to stay safe and wear sunscreen: Stay safe: My degree is in Safety and Health Management, trust me I got that under control. As long as I have my BFF (vodka) I’m pretty much invincible and for some reason extremely creative. Stay sane: I will insure a dose of vodka every 3 … Read More

Tyler HurstLogan’s (my sister) tips for a safe holiday weekend

Milan Hybrid

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No, I haven’t had sex in the car. But it’s crossed my mind. Besides loving the bluetooth-enabled system that downloaded my iPhone info and allows for hands-free calling, the feature set on this puppy is ridiculous. Ten buttons on the steering wheel, along with 20ish on the dashboard. My laptop was easier to figure out. Quiet and drives great. Questions?

Tyler HurstMilan Hybrid

Celebs & Twitter A-Listers don’t give a shit about you

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Read that headline again. Once more. Guy Kawasaki doesn’t care about you, Diddy doesn’t care about you and Britney Spears sure as hell doesn’t care about you. Please STOP talking about them. We know social media is filled with people looking to gain followers. We know there are tons of real-life celebs who don’t engage with their followers. Life is … Read More

Tyler HurstCelebs & Twitter A-Listers don’t give a shit about you

kontaktmag interview on gangplank podcast

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Looks like kontaktmag has finally hit the big time. Well, at least when it comes to the geek community. Listen to Don talking about kontaktmag on Gangplank’s podcast. Thanks to @spellwight and @evo_terra for the publicity.

Tyler Hurstkontaktmag interview on gangplank podcast

So I have these new business cards…

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I’ve never had business cards that weren’t given to me by the company I worked for. Now, finally, I have some that are uniquely me. I am now a card-carrying, digital communications, social media asshole (douchebag sounds better, but some dude already appointed himself). They look like this: And my brother’s: Last and certainly least, my sister’s take: Yep, those … Read More

Tyler HurstSo I have these new business cards…

You cannot create a viral video!

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I’m job searching. I’ve been job searching so long that nearly every job description is starting to sound EXACTLY the same. Still, some things stand out, especially in the marketing field. …”create viral videos,”… Listen, I know those companies are trying to sound with it. I know they’re trying to sound hip. They are missing the point. You cannot create … Read More

Tyler HurstYou cannot create a viral video!

Taking care of my sister’s cats

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Instructions from my sister to her roommate. Logan left for four entire days. Taking care of my precious kitties, One and Two (AKA Boy and Girl, Lucifer and Hades) Taking care of One and Two is a huge responsibility, I hope you are ready to take this on. I have written out a detailed list of how to properly care … Read More

Tyler HurstTaking care of my sister’s cats

Christmas at the Hurst home

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There was some confusion as to who gets what bed, as Bryan doesn’t have a bed in his room anymore. Bryan called dibs on Tyler’s bed and gave Logan’s bed to Tyler. Read on for more. To my foolish misguided brothers- My name is Logan. I am your sister. I know you try to forget about me, for your jealousy … Read More

Tyler HurstChristmas at the Hurst home

Look who made…

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Hells yeah, I did. The story might not about me, but I’m definitely the most interesting source. Yes, I still am looking for a gig.

Tyler HurstLook who made…

Letter to the CEO, Part #3

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After my initial meeting, I was asked to write a job description for a Social Media Strategist position. Thanks to help from @sheila_dee, I submitted one, along with this letter. David, please see the attached Social Media Strategist description. It’s fairly broad, as I wrote it thinking more of it as an entire department, rather than one position. It is … Read More

Tyler HurstLetter to the CEO, Part #3

Letter to Pearson CEO #3

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Third time’s a charm. I took a different approach to this email. Instead of emailing it directly to our International CEO, I included our North American CEO and all the Executive Vice-Presidents that I knew about. It worked. I’ve managed to arrange a face-to-face meeting with the Executive VP of Marketing for the first week of December. Now I just … Read More

Tyler HurstLetter to Pearson CEO #3

More tales from my sister…

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My sis can’t say the letter ‘G’ very well. She pronounces ‘giraffe’ as ‘draft’ and we can’t get her to even say ‘Geraldo’. So what happens when they new lady’s name starts with a ‘G’? Hilarity. “Who is my new disability management representative at you ask? Well hername is Sandi, Sandi Grafalo and we both support the same organizationfor safety … Read More

Tyler HurstMore tales from my sister…

Thanksgiving for my family…

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Email republished without my sister’s permission or knowledge. What is she going to do, sue me? Besides, it’s really funny. It sounds like there is going to be so many people at Hages for thanksgiving. BOO! I just want to watch TV, eat, watch TV, eat, maybe a movie or TV then bed. No social interaction needed. And especially with … Read More

Tyler HurstThanksgiving for my family…

Letter to Pearson CEO #2

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My first email, sent last week, went unanswered. Here’s my second attempt. 1. Intel, IBM and Mozilla (Firefox) have techs that monitor twitter allowing for nearly real-time feedback for people with questions. That could be an excellent free tool that teachers could use to do the same. would be all that is needed. I used this to find out … Read More

Tyler HurstLetter to Pearson CEO #2