What can 100 people do with their love of art?

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Art is a gift. It changes the giver AND the recipient. But art, like a a true straight line, doesn’t actually EXIST. All we can see is the physical representation of the artist’s true vision of the world.

And for this, we should all be grateful.


I’ve purchased ONE piece of art in my entire life. Just one. Hugh Macleod’s art deserves to be shared. NEEDS to be shared.

So I’m looking for 100 people who want to do just that. I’m looking for 100 people who want to share what art means to them. I’m looking for 100 people to give their gift, their love of art, to others. Many others.

Whether you’re a fan of the cube grenades, the original drawings on the back of business cards or the Linchpin series, you’re invited.

Call it a community. Call it a worldwide rave. Call it a call to action.

Call it whatever you want, but I’m looking for 100 people ready to be a part of something larger than themselves.

What number are you?

The Plan
1. Find 100 Gaping Void fans.
2. Have them each pick their favorite piece.
3. Blog about it (don’t have a blog? send it to me. I’ll link back to wherever you like)
4. Link them all up.
5. ????
6. Higher state of being through sharing our love of Gaping Void art.

(Hugh tweeted about needing a community manager. I emailed him, he called me, I volunteered.. We chatted, the idea of finding 100 people came up. That’s as far as I’ve gotten. You’d be surprised what a small, determined group of 100 people are capable of.)

Tyler HurstWhat can 100 people do with their love of art?

43 Comments on “What can 100 people do with their love of art?”

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  8. Amber Rae Lambke

    ummm i'm obsessed with gaping void, ignore everybody and hugh's art. in fact, i love his book so much that it randomly inspired me to create two xmas girls for mom & gram (http://www.flickr.com/photos/amber-rae/4214243519/). i've referred his book to a good 50 people in-person and i know for certain than at least 10 people have bought and loved the book. this doesn't include my ongoing love online: http://tumblr.heyamberrae.com/search/gapingvoid
    in short, you best fucking count me in.

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  13. Bernd Nurnberger

    Amazed you selected me on twitter. If time permits, DM me why. I follow you now, excited to see how this works out.

    I do not own Hugh MacLeod art. So that is as good a start as any. My favorite Gaping Void piece is still in the future. It will be about #Junto

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