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  1. Sghimire

    She's on a tirade for sure. However, she's being herself. She's obviously has had experiences to lead her to be paranoid about “others”. She''s proud of her business and her work. I disagree with how she treated her customer but at the same time she'll attract those that like her. I'm thinking about going over for a pizza someday. I'll make sure I don't step on any toes and am definitely NOT going to write a review – good or bad.

  2. Joseph Manna

    It would have done so much damage for her to respond with, “Thanks for the feedback and sorry you don't like the food quality or the atmosphere. It won't be changing because I have plenty of others who love it and come back for more everyday. Thanks for at least coming in and trying the food. If you'd like to discuss it, please see me next time so we can chat. Thanks!”

    But, no.

    It's easier to activate the troll mode of reactions and assume every critique is about you personally, especially when it comes from a food critic. Alas, some small business owners need to gain some perspective as to how they are viewed by others on review sites and not cast such a inferior view of others who have the decency to speak up and share their mind.

    That aside, I don't care that she doesn't do that. After all, it is kind of entertaining and hopefully wakes up some business owners to their own reviews and brand management online. Some business owners are ferociously defensive of their brand and they might not be as accustomed to handling feedback. Not to blame customers, but it does take a little empathy their years of work and passion might not be into customer service, but the product itself.

    This puff piece on AZF had no real concrete advice other than going to their site for page views and sending the bewildered to Yelp's Help section.


  3. Brian Alston

    Great words Mr. Hurst.

    I've refreshed the Phoenix New Times article several times to read the mounting (mostly negative) responses. I have two thoughts: (1) The customer is always right. Business 101 first lesson is provide a good product and/or service. Second point is “the customer's always right.” I worked in Big Box retail and my district manager told me to swallow my tongue and just say Yes Sir and Yes Ma'am. And (2) Mrs. Bouzaglo is never going to win this fight in this medium. If this would've went down on a 'Restaurant Owners and Picky Patrons' blog there would have been more sympathy for her. But she decided to engage a well-known reviewer and hurl personal insults.

    It's too bad Mrs. Bouzaglo didn't accept your meeting request. Someone needs to tell her to get tougher skin.

  4. Kara McIntee

    This is so hilarious. I almost spewed my drink out my nose.

    I ate at her restaurant this past weekend having NO idea they were some kind of infamous crazy people that attack their customers for bad reviews. We had such a poor experience that my friends and I decided to review the restaurant and stumbled across Joel’s post and the drama involved after that. And, low and behold, my friend and I both got nasty comments from Samy. They don’t learn, and I hope they go out of business. They’re totally nuts.

  5. Kara McIntee

    They won’t yell at you in the restaurant. If you complain, they’ll ignore you until you leave and then ream you on the internet if you review them poorly.

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