Plant Medicine Progression, 2009-19

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My journey with plant medicine started in 2010. After using cannabis the previous summer to alleviate nausea caused from painkiller use while I recovered from surgery to remove a pilonidal cyst (they scooped out nearly 3/4 of a racquetball’s worth of infection at the base on my tailbone, then had it stuffed with glaze 1-2 times per day for nine weeks while it healed from the inside out), I had a hunch that there was lot more to it than I had fully realized.

I happened to have selfied myself every year in April, and looking back it’s been fantastic to see the progress from 2010, when I first started using cannabis regularly, to 2013, when I first started using cannabis intentionally, to 2016 when I quit 16 years of psych meds (including the last seven on Lexapro), and then 2017-19 when I incorporated ayahuasca and psilocybin into my plant-medicine-based health regimen.

I can say that, without a doubt, intentional use of plant medicine has both saved and vastly improved my life. For more information on my journey, check me out on Instagram or subscribe to the Burning Bush podcast.

Tyler HurstPlant Medicine Progression, 2009-19