Plant Medicine Progression, 2009-19

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My journey with plant medicine started in 2010. After using cannabis the previous summer to alleviate nausea caused from painkiller use while I recovered from surgery to remove a pilonidal cyst (they scooped out nearly 3/4 of a racquetball’s worth of infection at the base on my tailbone, then had it stuffed with glaze 1-2 times per day for nine … Read More

Tyler HurstPlant Medicine Progression, 2009-19

Using cannabis to wean off Lexapro

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Was prescribed 16 different medications to treat: clinical depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, and clinical depression with anxiety. Cannabis worked better.

Tyler HurstUsing cannabis to wean off Lexapro

Massages should be covered by insurance

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For either the seventh or eighth time in just 18 months, I hurt myself so badly that the back rub to fix it requires a recovery period. Multiple muscles hurt in all kinds of spots. My lower right back had two knots on top of each other, my middle back was stretched to the point that my masseuse said something … Read More

Tyler HurstMassages should be covered by insurance

Wrong type of feedback

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As a sometimes professional writer, it’s normal to receive feedback. I’ve been corrected on typos, misspelled words, incorrect assumptions, and, thankfully rarely, poorly-researched ideas. I do my best not to to take these personally. But when that “criticism” shifts form into statements like “as a writer, I think you should” (reference to me being a writer, not them), it crosses … Read More

Tyler HurstWrong type of feedback

Doctor Strange Is What White Supremacy Looks Like To People Who Don’t Know They’re Racist

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I’ve now seen Doctor Strange twice, once in 3D IMAX and another time in 2D, both times with THCv blazing through my system. I cried twice during the first time, and three times during the second showing, as I made connections to my own past and current willful participation in a racist system. Always the smartest guy in the room, … Read More

Tyler HurstDoctor Strange Is What White Supremacy Looks Like To People Who Don’t Know They’re Racist

Talking about Complex PTSD is really hard

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It’s always been complex PTSD. It’s been a year since I stopped taking my daily psych meds. At the time, I was on Lexapro and had been for nearly seven years. Before that, for every single day since March 2000, I’d been prescribed lithium, zoloft, paxil, ritalin, adderall, concerta, effexor and a bunch of other names I’m still working on … Read More

Tyler HurstTalking about Complex PTSD is really hard

42 days post psych meds

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It’s been 42 days since I had my last daily dose of psych meds. For the seven years prior, save for less than a week in June 2009, I’ve been taking Lexapro. For eight years prior to that, doctors described a series of 16 different drugs to combat bipolar disorder, ADHD, and depression. Added up, this means I’ve been on … Read More

Tyler Hurst42 days post psych meds

1984 Live Recording Of Prince’s Purple Rain

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It’s been 31 days and seven hours since Prince passed away. Before that day, I’d never seen Purple Rain. I’d never listened to an entire Prince album. I’d never realized that Prince, not Michael Jackson or Madonna or any of the pop stars, rappers, rockers, or boy bands, was the musical influence I should have been paying the most attention … Read More

Tyler Hurst1984 Live Recording Of Prince’s Purple Rain

Franco’s Fun Bus with Laurie & Mary Jane

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Franco’s Fun Bus is a monthly-ish excursion on a private tour bus with hosted dabs, snacks, and local sights. *Cover photo from my first Fun Bus experience.

Tyler HurstFranco’s Fun Bus with Laurie & Mary Jane

Do You Even Snapchat, Brah?

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Hey, I’m on Snapchat broadcasting a day in the life of a cannabis reviewer.

Tyler HurstDo You Even Snapchat, Brah?

Girl Scout Cookie Terpene Pairing

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Here’s a preview of the Girl Scout Cookie terpene pairing story KC and I are working on for WW this week. We spent an afternoon sampling two strains per cookie, and found most of them tasted great (did you know terpenes that smell of fuel can blunt menthol’s burn?).

Tyler HurstGirl Scout Cookie Terpene Pairing

Not So Secret Sesh

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My goal, for the foreseeable future, is to help normalize and promote responsible cannabis use using whatever platform available to me. While I’ll still work on other stuff as I can land clients, my personal goals will stay aligned regardless of how I earn my money. Education is the absolute most important tactic we have in helping those in need … Read More

Tyler HurstNot So Secret Sesh

Sunday Morning Musings

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It’s Sunday morning and I’m sitting on a blow-up mattress, my back against pillows propped up on a bare, white wall. The mattress has a sheet on it, as my wife and I sometimes sleep out here if the other is too fussy, or if it’s too cold, or if someone falls asleep watching Vine compilations. The dog, like she … Read More

Tyler HurstSunday Morning Musings

Goodbye to old friend John Kelly

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(Pictured left to right: John Kelly, Andy Epstein, me — props to Sarah Ray for the yearbook photo) In just over two months, I’ll be 36 years old. While this birthday will mean I’ve now spent half my life outside of high school, it’s not like I’m old. There will always be more time, right? But after my good high … Read More

Tyler HurstGoodbye to old friend John Kelly

Apple Geeks, World Domination, Public Sex Acts & Hunting: Does What’s Said With Torch Theatre Stay At Torch Theater?

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When most people vacation, they head to tropical islands or historic cities. They hike, they sleep, they relax, and they play. These same people probably think my wife and I are crazy, as we go on vacations to visit old friends, see spring training games, and agree to tell personal stories in front of strangers so our performing buddies have … Read More

Tyler HurstApple Geeks, World Domination, Public Sex Acts & Hunting: Does What’s Said With Torch Theatre Stay At Torch Theater?

Seth Godin Book Review With Chris Franklin Of Portland Creative

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(Want to know what other people thought of the book? Seth shared early reactions on his blog.) The idea that anxiety is experiencing failure in advance, that the voice in our head is only a narrator, and that focus is important above all else seem self evident and pretty life coach-y now that I’m reading this as I type it, … Read More

Tyler HurstSeth Godin Book Review With Chris Franklin Of Portland Creative

Ingrown Toenail Removal Surgery & Infection (GRAPHIC IMAGES) (NSFW)

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***WARNING*** THIS POST CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES. PLEASE DO NOT CONTINUE READING IF YOU’RE SQUEAMISH If you’d rather read about a more successful ingrown toenail trimming story, read my previous from almost three years ago. That was my second surgery, the one you’re reading here was my fourth. — After three visits to two doctors to try and save both my … Read More

Tyler HurstIngrown Toenail Removal Surgery & Infection (GRAPHIC IMAGES) (NSFW)

The Last PIE Demo Day

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I wrote this the week after P.I.E.’s last Demo Day, and WWeek chose not to run it. Fearing I’d be run of out town if I published, I held onto it since October 2014. As it turns out, that was their last demo day and the experiment pivoted into something else shortly thereafter. Two years later, there are still massive … Read More

Tyler HurstThe Last PIE Demo Day

Preventing Genocide

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We all make choices about what is important to us. We have to or else we’d go broke trying to fix everything. (At least I would). So we do what we can with what we have and make the best of our lives. That’s human and admirable and obvious and great. But plenty of times we turn a blind eye … Read More

Tyler HurstPreventing Genocide

What would you do on an #AmtrakResidency?

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Amtrak Residency

(The idea of an Amtrak Residency, where writers book a round-trip ticket to work there and back, is fascinating. Here’s how I convinced myself to go.) I make my living by, mostly, arranging letters into words, words into sentences, sentences into paragraphs and paragraphs into stories. Whether I’m running a Facebook campaign, tweeting incessantly, or crafting a blog post, I’m … Read More

Tyler HurstWhat would you do on an #AmtrakResidency?

No, You Can’t Die From Insomnia

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I haven’t slept more than four hours in a row in over a month, save for once when I followed cider with eggnog and rum — but that’s not real sleep. I’m talking about restful, pleasant sleep. Without vivid dreams. Without having to take NyQuil at 2am. Without having to mix Percocet (prescription, I had my toenails removed and one … Read More

Tyler HurstNo, You Can’t Die From Insomnia

Tyler Hurst Is Awesome

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Dear You, Tyler Hurst is awesome. I know you just finished reading Pam Slim’s post about what your Google search profile says about you — for a fact, obviously, as I just read it — and I wanted to tell you that you are an amazing dude. You see, I want this post with me telling me how awesome I … Read More

Tyler HurstTyler Hurst Is Awesome

Is Cider Girly?

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The following article has been shared repeatedly be every cider-related person I know for the past few days. Hard Apple Cider — Is It Manly? Alcohol for men shouldn’t taste like juice; fruit flavors were defined as intrinsically “feminine” when Eve scarfed down that apple while Adam was BBQing bratwursts and earning all the family income. In my buddy’s opinion, … Read More

Tyler HurstIs Cider Girly?

The Clichéd Life

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It feels childish to write in the first person. It feels immature to talk about my life as if I face unique challenges. It feels depressing to constantly compare what I’ve done to what I think I should have done. Yet, here I am, writing a post on a blog named after me. Some would say this is classic narcissism … Read More

Tyler HurstThe Clichéd Life

Thri(survi)ving Arizona

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The first version of this post was bitter and biting. The second was funny. The third was an attempt at martyrdom. The fourth version read a lot like Karlie Hustle’s. The fifth version — the one you’re reading — is far less of a goodbye post than I planned to write. It’s impossible to say goodbye and mean it in … Read More

Tyler HurstThri(survi)ving Arizona

Urban Tea Loft Says So Long

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I first met Glynis at ScottsdaleCamp many years ago. She was eager to connect with tea lovers, really liked sharing online, and loved to tell her stories. Katie and I have been to Urban Tea Loft for lunches, special event dinners, and Katie had our post-wedding brunch in their VIP room. It’s always sad to see a local business close, … Read More

Tyler HurstUrban Tea Loft Says So Long

My Own Little Corner Of The Internet

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Hugh MacLeod of Gaping Void released a book last week. Freedom Is Blogging in Your Underwear is part manifesto, part love letter and part, well, I haven’t figured that out yet. In my own little corner of the internet, I’m king and servant; royalty and commoner. The first read disappointed me. While Hugh’s first two books were great, this one … Read More

Tyler HurstMy Own Little Corner Of The Internet

Give a ball, get an AZ Diamondbacks experience

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I’ve been a baseball fan all my life. I’ve attended countless Mariners games at the Kingdome, too few at Safeco, five-ish Spring Training games a year for nine years, and 30 or so Diamondbacks games. I’ve sat in the nosebleed seats, on the outfield seating grass, behind home plate and feet from the dugout. I’ve been in press boxes, clubhouses, … Read More

Tyler HurstGive a ball, get an AZ Diamondbacks experience

Why I’m a Lemonade Detroit Supporter

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Volunteering for worthy causes is fantastic. It’s honest work, it usually involves some sort of physical labor (yay exercise), and it gives both the volunteer and those they’ve helped a good feeling. But sometimes volunteering isn’t enough. Sometimes people need food or shelter, money or jobs. Sometimes we have to open our wallets a little bit to help those who … Read More

Tyler HurstWhy I’m a Lemonade Detroit Supporter

Ingrown Toenail Surgery & Post-Op Care (w/ pictures)

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(The images shown here may be graphic to some or my hairy, bloody toes may offend you. If you’re worried, stop reading right now. For a look at what complete toenail removal and what getting that infected is like, click here.) My name is Tyler and I’ve been in an abusive relationship with my nails for as long as I … Read More

Tyler HurstIngrown Toenail Surgery & Post-Op Care (w/ pictures)

Tweet 100,000

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I grew up wanting to be a writer, but it seems I’m more suited to be a tweeter. Never did I think I’d care much about past tweets, but now I’m very curious to read what is my online diary for the past four-ish years. Bet you’ll see a lot of funny, a lot of angry and a lot of … Read More

Tyler HurstTweet 100,000

Thoughts on 100k Tweets

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Need an excuse to meet friends for a rocking Happy Hour? No? Good. Wait, someone does? Okay, this Thursday from 4:30pm until whenever Nick Bastian and I will be celebrating #TD100k at Monti’s in Tempe. Let’s talk SOPA/PIPA, what a loudmouth you think I am or even about Monti’s owner Michael’s run for Tempe mayor. Or you can just show … Read More

Tyler HurstThoughts on 100k Tweets

Thoughts on SOPA & PIPA from a Napster kid

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I was a Napster kid. Me and the rest of my frat brothers lived in the house that Paul Allen built in Greek Row on the Washington State University campus, which gave us access to the only T-1 line not controlled by the school. And because the server running the entire Greek system was in our attic, we had complete … Read More

Tyler HurstThoughts on SOPA & PIPA from a Napster kid

Had I Died Today

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Turns out my reaction was, in part, caused by chronic stress stemming from PTSD thanks to an incident from 1999. Articles like this are a great way to understand my reactions to situations over the years, which has helped me get better. But if you’re coming here from r/portland, you’re not here to read this part, anyway. Have fun misinterpreting … Read More

Tyler HurstHad I Died Today

Momentumer Than Elizabeth Newlin

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Loved Elizabeth Newlin’s breakdown of her run so much I wrote my own. As part of my training for Tough Mudder, I run four miles 2-3 times a week (increase .5 to 1 mile each week) and run 1.3 miles barefoot and do the Tough Mudder workout twice a week. I’ve gained a bit of weight (both muscle and fat) … Read More

Tyler HurstMomentumer Than Elizabeth Newlin

What Happened To CenPhoCamp?

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I’m seldom completely satisfied with the work I do and what I ship. There’s always something that could have been done better, could have been started earlier and could have been promoted more. My life has been filled with rough drafts turned in as final copies, last-minute scrambling being good enough and a general sense of ‘I did the best … Read More

Tyler HurstWhat Happened To CenPhoCamp?

Steve Jobs, Imaginator

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Whether you liked him or not, let him or not, Steve Jobs changed the lives of everyone who bought Apple products, and even those who bought competing ones. My love for Apple products has changed my life; whether it was igniting my interest in tinkering with computers at my dad’s print shop in 1986, making my living using Apple products … Read More

Tyler HurstSteve Jobs, Imaginator

15 minutes of fame with Torch Theatre

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You can learn a lot watching yourself perform on a stage. From cadence to word choice and body language to wardrobe, it’s fascinating to see how others see me. At the end of July, I performed with Torch Theatre regular (part owner) Mack Duncan and retired improv-er Heidi Watson as part of the Cerebus Cup, which takes place every month … Read More

Tyler Hurst15 minutes of fame with Torch Theatre

All stars and social media on ABC15

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Was part of a piece that ABC15’s Kirk Yuhnke did on how MLB uses social media. Felt it was required that I wear my new hat from my brother.

Tyler HurstAll stars and social media on ABC15

A-Listers still don’t care about you

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The announcement of and the invite to Google’s latest attempt at social networking brought with it hopes of an internet utopia: users sharing specific, relevant content to groups divided either by relationship to or shared interest. Finally, I could share tech news with those I consider business associates, pet pics with my family and x-rated comments and images with my … Read More

Tyler HurstA-Listers still don’t care about you

Be f***ing awesome to someone today

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I don’t care who it is, who you are or who you know. I don’t care if you’re successful, poor or scraping by. Doesn’t matter if you’re usually a jerk or always get picked on. Makes no difference if you’ve never volunteered or always volunteer. Be fucking awesome to someone today. Could be your cubicle buddy, car pool pal, the … Read More

Tyler HurstBe f***ing awesome to someone today

Hangover Live Blog

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I’ve never seen The Hangover. I don’t know how it ends, but I do know who’s in it, that there’s a baby involved and that Mike Tyson likely punches someone. Because I’ll be watching Hangover 2 at a bachelor party in a few weeks, I figured it was time to get 2009’s most popular comedy under my movie-watching belt. If … Read More

Tyler HurstHangover Live Blog

Bad PR—will Phoenix please stand up?

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A few months ago, I wrote about Jason Hope of JAWA and his alleged text messaging scams on the now-retired Valley PR Blog. I bashed The Lavidge Company for their involvement, but nothing came of it. Now, after what I think were attempts to bribe me to remove the posts and the Facebook, Google and Burson-Marsteller scandal, I figured it … Read More

Tyler HurstBad PR—will Phoenix please stand up?

It’s okay to be selfish

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Today, I gave $5 to a gas station clerk and instructed him to apply it to a guy named Bradford (Army reservist?) in fatigues. A few days ago, I was offered money to retract public criticism I’d made about a local tech company’s owner. Instead, I told everyone I know about it. I’ve given money to Lemonade:Detroit, The Torch Theatre … Read More

Tyler HurstIt’s okay to be selfish

Thank you, Yuri Artibise

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You may not know Yuri Artibise, but you should. He’s a policy wonk. He’s an activist. He cares more about a country that he’s not even a citizen of than most of us. A few months ago, Yuri ran ItsUpToMeAZ, a full-day conference designed to get the right people together to save Arizona. He invited Valley leaders, change makers, business … Read More

Tyler HurstThank you, Yuri Artibise

Digital etiquette – how rude are you?

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The first time I met Steven Groves, I thought he was a bit of a jerk. We were at the first REBarCamp, and he approached me just after I entered through the main gate. He walked up, we shook hands and he started talking while I pulled out my iPhone to reply to a buzz. Steven did not keep talking … Read More

Tyler HurstDigital etiquette – how rude are you?

Behind the scenes for 12news LunchCast

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Friday was fun. Here’s a snippet of our original appearance. The following is a behind the scenes look, shot by Abby Gilmore. Elise seems nervous.

Tyler HurstBehind the scenes for 12news LunchCast

12News LunchCast with Brahm, Jose and Elise

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Being on TV is fun, even if you have nothing super important to say. I’ve somehow been asked more than a few times to appear on the local news, and it’s always been a really cool experience. The following video is the second half of an appearance by me, Jose Gonzalez and Elise Redlin-Cook. I was asked by Brahm Resnik … Read More

Tyler Hurst12News LunchCast with Brahm, Jose and Elise

No flour, sugar or Diet Coke – Is this Paleo?

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It’s Day 39 of my Body Fat Reduction Challenge. I’m down 13 pounds from when I started, but haven’t lost a bit of weight in nearly two weeks. I’m not eating a ton of food, I work out 5-6 days a week and don’t eat much that I don’t prepare myself. But that’s not enough. For the month of March, … Read More

Tyler HurstNo flour, sugar or Diet Coke – Is this Paleo?

Lessons from a failure slut

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There’s shame in failure. Having an idea backfire is embarrassing. Sometimes, this means you’ll feel like s***. Sometimes, you’ll cry. Sometimes you’ll bury your head so deep no one can get to you. But failure won’t kill you. It will hurt and it may linger, and you damn well better learn from it. But what about always needing to fail … Read More

Tyler HurstLessons from a failure slut

Domino Project and AZ Writers’ Event

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I’ve been to a lot of ‘camps, ‘cons and workshops. There are tons of people who are willing to share their tech, business and social media knowledge here in AZ, and I thank them for that. While I’ve been involved in many of these events, I don’t usually learn as much as I could have. Maybe the topics aren’t all … Read More

Tyler HurstDomino Project and AZ Writers’ Event

You’ve got Klout?

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Getting stuff for free is fun. As a writer and relentless self promoter, I’ve been given many things for either review purposes or because the PR team thought I’d like and then write about them. Klout, an oft-argued about company that tries to measure influence online, recently offered to send me a PSP, with a special Ice Cube music video, … Read More

Tyler HurstYou’ve got Klout?

Is there a book in everyone?

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I’ve always wanted to write and publish a book. That probably comes as no surprise to you. After all, I am a writer. People actually pay me to arrange letters and words in a pleasing manner. It’s work I enjoy and that I think I am destined to do. Most people probably aren’t like me. They didn’t take journalism in … Read More

Tyler HurstIs there a book in everyone?

The ring I bought Katie

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Katie is a very particular girl. She likes her vegetables prepared a particular way, chooses old movies she’s watched tens of times over new ones and has a favorite pair of pants that I’m fairly sure she’d wear every day if she could (the green Old Navy ones). When I first thought about buying her a ring, I had a … Read More

Tyler HurstThe ring I bought Katie

Is @KennethCole run by a**holes?

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I’m never one to shy away from an argument, a bad joke that may be a little too soon or broach topics that may seem a little taboo. But I do my best not to make important world events a tool I can use to sell stuff. Sure, I’ve made a joke saying Egypt should just activate their Stargate and … Read More

Tyler HurstIs @KennethCole run by a**holes?

To the parents of Gabe Zimmerman

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Dear Mr. and Mrs. Zimmerman- My deepest condolences for the loss of your son. I trust that he will be remembered fondly. I did not know Gabe. From what I gather, he was a tireless public servant who worked hard to make others’ lives easier and better. I imagine you are very proud that he worked for a Congresswoman and … Read More

Tyler HurstTo the parents of Gabe Zimmerman

It’s Christmas Time Again

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I’m having a good Christmas. Most of my loved ones were under the same roof tonight, we all had time for each other and gifts to give, and, most importantly, we were all here. I almost always have a good Christmas. I can’t imagine what it’s like not to have one. I haven’t lived through a divorce, no one in … Read More

Tyler HurstIt’s Christmas Time Again

An adult’s letter to Santa

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Dear Santa – Hey big guy. Been a while. Years and years. Hope you’re doing well. Anyway, I’d like to say I’m sorry. I’m sorry for ever thinking that once I discovered your secret, that you were no longer relevant. I’m sorry that I dismissed you as a childhood fantasy. I’m sorry that I didn’t see you as a symbol … Read More

Tyler HurstAn adult’s letter to Santa

Why I gave up my absolute most favorite food

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I love pretzels. They are my comfort food, my fall-back food and my first choice for snacking. I love pretzels so much that I actually hate Rold Gold for seemingly forcing all over pretzel manufacturers out of the market. I like my pretzels slightly buttery, I like them lightly salted and I like them in bulk. I eat a lot … Read More

Tyler HurstWhy I gave up my absolute most favorite food

Talking with ABC15 about fake reviews

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I hate fake reviews and I hate the PR companies, that should know better, even more for promoting this kind of thing. I know promotion is part of the job, but lying about it isn’t really the answer. Look, I’m on the TV! Going to make a judgment call and say that my blue, checked shirt is not exactly TV … Read More

Tyler HurstTalking with ABC15 about fake reviews

The smartest thing I ever did was…

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(Hugh MacLeod’s Gaping Void series is one of my absolute favorites. His latest newsletter inspired me to instantly write this next passage. While there are, um, certain considerations I’ve yet to meet (but I will!), I didn’t want to save what I was thinking for a more appropriate time.) To Katie– The smartest thing I ever did was fall in … Read More

Tyler HurstThe smartest thing I ever did was…

Katie Dancing

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I’m not a big video game guy. I was a Nintendo fan when I was a kid, but I was more interested in Nintendo Power than stockpiling a bunch of games. I bought a Nintendo 64 for Goldeneye while in college, a Playstation 2 years later and a Wii a year after it came out. But after spending nine weeks … Read More

Tyler HurstKatie Dancing

How do you care for an ailing parent?

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I’ve never had to care for an ailing parent. Never had to check them into a nursing home, never had to arrange for hospice care and never had to act as a guardian for the two people that raised me. I hope I never have to, but I know someday it will come down to me, my brother or sister … Read More

Tyler HurstHow do you care for an ailing parent?

Linchpin inspires food drive

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I’m a Seth Godin fan. His latest, Linchpin, inspired me to do a helluva more than any book I’ve ever received. So much that I’ve given seven copies as gifts, including one to my dad. In Linchpin, Godin often mentions the importance of gifts as a way of spreading your art. We give with no expectation of return in hopes … Read More

Tyler HurstLinchpin inspires food drive

My Oh My – Dave Niehaus passes

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I didn’t fall asleep listening to music, crickets or the wind when I was a kid. I fell asleep listening to Dave Niehaus call Mariners games. From the first pitch in 1977 to the last of 2010, Niehaus was the voice of the team that I will always call mine. From the crappy teams of the 80s, to the excitement … Read More

Tyler HurstMy Oh My – Dave Niehaus passes

Did RSS readers die, too?

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There is no substitute in the digital or even analog world for an item, service or software that does one thing very well. From iPods to Garmin watches and Simplenote to Photo Booth, anything designed for one particular purpose is usually numerous times better than something designed for many. Take my daily assortment of most-used applications, like Hootsuite, Google Reader, … Read More

Tyler HurstDid RSS readers die, too?

SEO is dead?

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It’s been a tough month for web stuff. First, the web died, then social media and now SEO. Although I heartily agree with the first two, the last one is more than a bit dubious. As social sharing technologies mature, it’s obvious content will be optimized to catch that wave. Remember the first one? Remember how everything on the web … Read More

Tyler HurstSEO is dead?

Why do we distrust smart people?

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It’s become cool to be uninformed. It’s become cool to distrust smart people. Whether you know every woman The Situation has brought home, the past five shows worth of American Idol finalists or watched every Twilight movie, TV and movies have replaced reading as a way of staying informed. I’ll admit that many people don’t find books entertaining, and I … Read More

Tyler HurstWhy do we distrust smart people?

Social media is dead

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Social media is dead. Not dead as in it’s going to stop being relevant tomorrow, but dead as in it’s not going to grow anymore. We’ve reached our limit. Facebook is huge. Time spent on Twitter is huge. Everyone who wants a blog has one. The Millennials and whatever generation that came after them don’t even have a blog or … Read More

Tyler HurstSocial media is dead

The word of the day is scenius

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The word of the season is scenius. Without the success of conferences like Phoenix Design Week (PhxDW) and PodcampAZ , facilities/communities like Gangplank and the hard-working, hard-playing scenesters of the Valley, CenPhoCamp wouldn’t exist. CenPhoCamp exists to bridge the gap between those in the know with those who want to learn. It’s here to build on the inspiration that events … Read More

Tyler HurstThe word of the day is scenius

The Inigo Montoya guide to poorly used Phoenix terms

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As downtown Phoenix slowly grows into a real urban core, I’ve heard many terms, phrases and promises regarding what we’d be able to do. From CityScape to the Jackson Street Project and Civic Space to a new skate facility at Deck Park, activists and urban planners have had a helluva time making claims about what was going to happen. Here … Read More

Tyler HurstThe Inigo Montoya guide to poorly used Phoenix terms

Strippers, blow and guns?

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There’s no room for self pity in the business world. There’s no place for self doubt in the creative world. There’s no reason to complain if it’s not a step toward a solution. And here I am doing all three. Business isn’t going so well. Clients have scaled back or I haven’t met expectations (though they never actually tell me … Read More

Tyler HurstStrippers, blow and guns?

10 questions I’ve always wanted to ask women

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There are so, so many things I’ve wanted to know about people who aren’t like me. If you’re a woman, a minority, not from the US or really anything but a 31-year-old white dude from Seattle who now lives in AZ, I want to know what makes you tick. The Champ at helped with the black people questions. Ladies, … Read More

Tyler Hurst10 questions I’ve always wanted to ask women

Questions I’ve always wanted to ask a black person

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In case you’re an angry Portlander hoping to make me look bad, know this was written in response to and was meant to be a discussion on race. If you’re really going to go after a white guy for reading a black dude’s blog, liking a post, and then asking if he could do his version of it, go … Read More

Tyler HurstQuestions I’ve always wanted to ask a black person

How To Blog Like An Asshole

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Nearly every blogger or writer has done it. Once your work reaches a certain reader or viewership level, the writing becomes less about what you have to say and more in the way you are saying it, in a attempt to emphasize their own importance to what is being written. They become less of a storyteller and more of an … Read More

Tyler HurstHow To Blog Like An Asshole

Surprise 40th Wedding Anniversary

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Getting married is easy. Staying married seems much harder. In a time when around half of all couples get divorced, the ability to get married, buy a house, raise kids, start and close a small business and work as an independent salesman (my dad) or work as a career specialist for two high schools (my mom) and still stay married … Read More

Tyler HurstSurprise 40th Wedding Anniversary

Everything feels like it belongs there

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Every time I come home I feel a twinge of nostalgia. From my parents’ house to my grade school and my first job to my first girlfriend, every significant moment in the first 24 years of my life happened in or near Kent, WA. For many of the people I grew up with, this familiarity convinced them to stay and … Read More

Tyler HurstEverything feels like it belongs there

More Fantasy Football Auction Draft action

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(There is nothing like a Fantasy Football Auction Draft, but I’ve only participated in one. Here are even more ideas for my ultimate draft.) Most of us are not athletes anymore. While we still love sports, the idea that we’d be able to play more than a few games of basketball, 7ish innings of softball or more than two hours … Read More

Tyler HurstMore Fantasy Football Auction Draft action

Phoenix coffee shops as high-school chick stereotypes

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You’d think that everyone who grew up near Seattle would be a coffee expert. Having been exposed to wave after wave of new coffee shops, all Seattle residents and the outlying suburban dwellers would be gifted with an innate ability to pick the best beans, roast them at a particular temperature and be able to tell the difference once you’ve … Read More

Tyler HurstPhoenix coffee shops as high-school chick stereotypes

My ultimate Fantasy Football Auction Draft

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Having been a sports fan my entire life, most notably baseball, I’ve always been enthralled by the statistics part of the sports section. Number upon numbers representing averages, totals and splits. Massive amounts of data that was continually updated, almost like a puzzle that’s being created as it’s being put together. Statistics blew my tiny frickin’ mind. Although I disliked … Read More

Tyler HurstMy ultimate Fantasy Football Auction Draft

An Open Letter To Daniel Gerous

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Dear Daniel Gerous: Yeah, hi. I’m a fan. Of Gangplank, that is. Yep, been a fan for a while now, back when Gangplank was still mostly an idea. Back when Gangplank wasn’t physical and was shielded from what we could see, feel, or smell. There were no expectations back then. If we wanted to be a part of Gangplank, we … Read More

Tyler HurstAn Open Letter To Daniel Gerous

That’s enough

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I’m sorry for my contributing to making stupid people famous.

Tyler HurstThat’s enough

Apple has lost the magic

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I turned on my first Apple computer in 1986. It took me ten minutes to figure out how to turn it off, and since then I’ve been hooked. I spent long hours in my dad’s print shop playing on every new Mac we’d get (Mac Plus, Mac SE, Mac II, Mac TV, to name a few). My familiarity in screwing … Read More

Tyler HurstApple has lost the magic

My brother – mini celebrity

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Why my brother won’t get his own blog, or at least a Posterous account, is beyond me. Until then, I’ll keep posting these because I think they’re hilarious. I have no idea what TW means. Is it his bike? Note the Apple sticker on the front mud guard. Is that what they call that part over the wheel? I know … Read More

Tyler HurstMy brother – mini celebrity

iPhone 4 Live Blog

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There are few things geekier than waiting in line for a movie. iPhone 4 would be one of them. Starting at 5am on June 24, I’ll be in line at the Biltmore Apple Store patiently awaiting the doors to open at 7am so I can get my hands on a preordered iPhone. If you’re reading this after 5am on June … Read More

Tyler HurstiPhone 4 Live Blog

Social Media Confessions

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Social media was supposed to save us. The power of the people, the intelligence of the crowds and real-time connectivity was the answer to our prayers. For years we had been kept in the dark or outright lied to about what was happening in the world. We believed in our leaders and trusted big companies in power to do what … Read More

Tyler HurstSocial Media Confessions

Who’s the guy?

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(More unedited goodness from my bro. This stuff cracks me up.) Check out my posts. I’m a posting maniac. I have to upload the pics to photobucket and then link them to the site. Whose that guy with the sweet muddy bikes in the back of his nice truck, thats me, I’m the guy.

Tyler HurstWho’s the guy?

These are the emails I get from my brother

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The things that my family shares with each other is hilarious. From my bro: I have needed a nice cordless drill for a while now. I missed a good sale at Big R a few months ago and came across this sale at ACE. Regularly it was $160 but on sale for $120 and had a $20 rebate. So I … Read More

Tyler HurstThese are the emails I get from my brother

Goodbye to The Kid

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(This post was selected for a tribute to Griffey blog.) I have been, and always will be, a Seattle Mariners baseball fan. From the confines of the ugly Kingdome to the majesty of Safeco Field, I’ve been there for their horrific losses in the 80s, their coming of age in the early and mid 90s, again with the suckiness of … Read More

Tyler HurstGoodbye to The Kid

Memorializing those before us

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Lay those to rest who forged the path, and honor them by doing the most we can with what we have. It’s Memorial Day. I’ve never fired a gun with intent to kill. I’ve never served in the armed forces. I’ve never volunteered to spend years away from my loved ones in a foreign country. I’ve never spent time in … Read More

Tyler HurstMemorializing those before us

Who’s that guy? My bro.

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Love that my brother gets excited about stuff like this. My entire family probably looked at these pictures and thought about how fun it was. Well, maybe not my sister. She was probably too busy mixing vanilla vodka and Diet Coke. I’m that guy you see going down the freeway and you say, “Man, he’s lucky.” or “Geez, I should … Read More

Tyler HurstWho’s that guy? My bro.

Share your art and become one of the #100ppl

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Hugh Macleod’s Gaping Void series rocks. I’m a fan. #100ppl is an experiment to see what a group of highly-connected, highly-passionate art lovers can do with their appreciation. To find out how, simply follow the instructions on #100ppl and see the results start to populate on #100ppl. Let’s share our passions. We’re on Facebook, too.

Tyler HurstShare your art and become one of the #100ppl

Gaping Void – #100ppl

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Art is meant to be shared. Art is meant to be discussed. I’m a huge Gaping Void fan and want to know why YOU buy, collect or just look at Hugh MacLeod’s work. If you’d like to be on the list, pick a favorite Gaping Void print, write a blog post about it and send me the link via whatever … Read More

Tyler HurstGaping Void – #100ppl

Organic and natural food companies are ignoring their customers. Why?

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Conferences like Expo West are quite a good time. Ripe with natural products, organic foods and healthy treats, companies that exhibit at Expo West cater to a very specific type of customer. And, for the most part, these companies are completely ignoring those that would buy their products. Their business model is simple and traditional. Find distribution, send them a … Read More

Tyler HurstOrganic and natural food companies are ignoring their customers. Why?

Why I don’t use Foursquare, Gowalla or any other location-based services (anymore)

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The concept behind location-based services like Foursquare and Gowalla is fantastic. Check in using GPS, see who you know (or who you don’t) is around and maybe even earn a free drink or discounted meal. It’s like playing a massive game of bingo and it’s fun. For a while. (Now that Twitter and Facebook are both rolling out similar services, … Read More

Tyler HurstWhy I don’t use Foursquare, Gowalla or any other location-based services (anymore)

What can 100 people do with their love of art?

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Art is a gift. It changes the giver AND the recipient. But art, like a a true straight line, doesn’t actually EXIST. All we can see is the physical representation of the artist’s true vision of the world. And for this, we should all be grateful. I’ve purchased ONE piece of art in my entire life. Just one. Hugh Macleod’s … Read More

Tyler HurstWhat can 100 people do with their love of art?

Who’s your Tyler Durden?

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Motivational books are mostly ridiculous, as is nearly anything written by a self-proclaimed life coach ((Escape From Cubicle Nation, by Pam Slim, is a worthy exception)). But why would anyone capable of doing great work need inspiration from a book solely designed to do so? Don’t great artists get inspired by more everyday things like rocks, hippies and conversations with … Read More

Tyler HurstWho’s your Tyler Durden?

Everything on the internet is free

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Nearly everything I use online is free. My email, the software that runs my blog and most of the websites I visit. Most people will tell you that this is how the internet should remain. Bullshit. Nothing online is free. Every blog costs time, every app costs money and every program is created by someone looking to solve a problem. … Read More

Tyler HurstEverything on the internet is free