Thank you, Yuri Artibise

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You may not know Yuri Artibise, but you should. He’s a policy wonk. He’s an activist. He cares more about a country that he’s not even a citizen of than most of us.

A few months ago, Yuri ran ItsUpToMeAZ, a full-day conference designed to get the right people together to save Arizona. He invited Valley leaders, change makers, business owners and just about everyone who could make a difference in the Phoenix metro area and in our state.

I didn’t go, but not because I didn’t want to, but because I honestly have no idea how to help. I know that showing up is a big part of doing anything, but showing up completely clueless isn’t something I’m willing or able to do at this point. Yuri does this kind of thing all the time. As just one dude, Yuri can’t change policy. He can’t make the legislature make better decisions. He can’t do a damn thing alone, but every day he’s out there trying. He’s trying to build a community and a following that’s willing to make our leaders own up to their decisions.

Without Yuri, there would be no CenPhoCamp. His willingness to work with me regardless of what I say or do made me realize that Yuri does these things not out of obligation, but out of altruism. He genuinely wants his home, his community, his country and his world to be better.

Keep up the good fight, Yuri.

Tyler HurstThank you, Yuri Artibise

3 Comments on “Thank you, Yuri Artibise”

  1. CrysOhara

    Yuri, is awesome! I wish I had been as involved as he has been. I grew up in the area he does a lot of events.

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