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Loved Elizabeth Newlin’s breakdown of her run so much I wrote my own.

As part of my training for Tough Mudder, I run four miles 2-3 times a week (increase .5 to 1 mile each week) and run 1.3 miles barefoot and do the Tough Mudder workout twice a week. I’ve gained a bit of weight (both muscle and fat) so the workout gets harder each time I do it.

This is the easier of the 15 workouts included in the training prep for Tough Mudder.

Here’s a breakdown my run yesterday:

.5 miles – Really wish I had gone barefoot. I love feeling the ground under my feHOLY FUCK WHERE DID THAT GLASS COME FROM?

.55 miles – Loving my decision to wear Vibrams today.

.9 miles – wow, I’m going under 8:45 a mile. I’d better slow down before my calves start to cramp up.

1.1 miles – shit, totally waited too long to slow down. Maybe if I goose-step for a few strides it will loosen my legs up.

1.3 – You realize you’re running shirtless with 5″ inseam shorts, a headband, wristband and a huge GPS watch while goose-stepping? Nothing to see here, move along.

1.75 miles – Should I push for 5-6 miles today? I can do it! All I have to do is go straight at the Chandler/Alma School intersection. Wonder what Elizabeth Newlin would do?

1.8 miles – I turned right. That’s what Elizabeth would do.

2.1 miles – yay, someone honked at me! I love it when cars scare the shit out of me when running. Please, keep up the honking. It’s not scary at all.

2.5 miles – running is stupid. My legs hurt.

2.75 miles – what kind of flexing motion should I make when running past Gangplank? Or should I stop in to say hi?

2.77 miles – Profile view of me running by is funny enough.

3.0 miles – almost a 5k! Look at me go!

3.2 miles – Man, my belly is jiggly when I slow down while running next to big, reflective windows.

3.4 miles – I could walk right now. No one would know.

3.5 miles – No, that’s fat Tyler! Keep running, you pansy.

3.8 miles – I really should have gone straight at that Alma School/Chandler Ave intersection.

3.9 miles – if you sweat enough, no one can tell if you’ve peed your pants.

4.0 miles – Yay, I get to cross a four-lane, 45 mph “residential” road! I’m sure all the cars will stop for me, considering the crosswalks are a mile apart. Hope Kasey Broach isn’t going 70 on this road today!

4.12 miles – I’m a badass.

Tyler HurstMomentumer Than Elizabeth Newlin