Not So Secret Sesh

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My goal, for the foreseeable future, is to help normalize and promote responsible cannabis use using whatever platform available to me. While I’ll still work on other stuff as I can land clients, my personal goals will stay aligned regardless of how I earn my money.

Education is the absolute most important tactic we have in helping those in need gain access to cannabis’ life-saving properties. Sure, adults should also have the freedom to grow and ingest whatever we’d like personally, and I’m not going to pretend it’s not fun to eat/drop/smoke/vape/dab the plant, but it’s far past time to end our largely bullshit war on drugs. We have better problems to solve.

So let’s use cannabis together. Sign up for this list to get notified as soon as I know about parties I think are worth going to, events I’m hosting or helping with, and “secret” sessions at local business like World Famous Cannabis Cafe or NW Cannabis Club. You’re encouraged to bring your own product(s) and device(s), and you’re free to share in the bounty of samples from others we’re bound to have. $10, at most, will get you in the door.

Weed isn’t scary, so let me show you how cool it can be.

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Tyler HurstNot So Secret Sesh

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