Urban Tea Loft Says So Long

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I first met Glynis at ScottsdaleCamp many years ago. She was eager to connect with tea lovers, really liked sharing online, and loved to tell her stories. Katie and I have been to Urban Tea Loft for lunches, special event dinners, and Katie had our post-wedding brunch in their VIP room.

It’s always sad to see a local business close, circumstances here make it doubly so. Best of luck to the Legrand family; I know if anyone can get through what’s to come, it’s certainly them.

If you don’t know Glynis, you should. She makes me smile every time I see her.

The following letter was copied from their Facebook post.

Over the last 5 years, we have enjoyed serving and sharing our concept- The Urban Tea Loft with you in Downtown Chandler. Recent events will not allow us to remain open.

We’ve always been honest communicating what our family and business is up to. Today is no different. My husband Eric has been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and requires immediate surgery. We feel we must give all of our time and attention to his recovery. Please pray for Eric and our family through this difficult time as his surgery is this Friday, July 13th.

We know this news may be disappointing and apologize for the abrupt departure. We have lots of preparing to do and a very short time to make arrangements. We need to be out of our current location by July 29th. If you or anyone you know is interested in any of our furniture, fixtures, equipment, merchandize, tea, etc please act quickly.

We will open our doors next week Tuesday through Friday from 5-8 pm and Saturday 8-1 pm to offer everything from tea and merchandize to LCD TVs, Stone Creek furniture cases, restaurant equipment, etc. Even our VIP room set up with the wall tufting, benches and stereo systems.

Here is your chance to get those high back booths you love so much!

If there is something you have in mind and want to get “1st dibs” on, please message me asap at info@urbantealoft.com for pricing and to arrange pick-up. Everything is offered on a first come, first served basis.

Our entire family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done for us. In case you are wondering, it is our desire to re-open in another location. We will keep you informed.

I think my Grandmother Martha was on to something when she wouldn’t allow me to say Goodbye when leaving her house or getting off the phone. She always told me to say “So Long” and would even go as far as to make me repeat after her! Looking back, I think good-bye was too final or too permanent for her. She needed to know we would see each other or chat again another day. So this is our So Long!

We will look forward to chatting, laughing and enjoying each other another day!

Your Dear Friends,
The Legrands
Eric, Zhayer, and Glynis

Tyler HurstUrban Tea Loft Says So Long

5 Comments on “Urban Tea Loft Says So Long”

  1. leogodin217

    What wonderful people. We will miss you. If any of you read this, let me know if there is anything I can do. Help packing, etc…

  2. Dani Cutler

    Oh this is so sad! She helped us with a Girl Scout event at Urban several years ago. Wonderful lady and wonderful business. I hope all goes well with her husband’s surgery and that we see them back in business in the near future!

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