Memorializing those before us

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Lay those to rest who forged the path, and honor them by doing the most we can with what we have.

It’s Memorial Day.

I’ve never fired a gun with intent to kill. I’ve never served in the armed forces. I’ve never volunteered to spend years away from my loved ones in a foreign country. I’ve never spent time in a place where nearly everyone hated me.

But my dad has. Guys like Matt Murphy have. My cousin served in the Navy for five years.

They all stood up when not everyone did. They were the lucky ones, the ones that made it home in one piece, alive. My grandpa’s brother did not, as his barracks were bombed in World War II. He and far too many others sacrificed their lives so we could have better ones, and in their honor, we have Memorial Day.

War itself is not noble and it’s not great. It’s a last resort in a terrible situation.

But serving our country and those that need it, is noble. It is great. It’s something we should be thankful for every damn day.

So thank you to all the families that have lost and all the soldiers that laid down their lives. Thank you for your sacrifices. Thank you for your patriotism. We can only hope to honor you in the best way any of us know possible: living our lives to the absolute fullest.

You will never be forgotten. We will always have Memorial Day.

Tyler HurstMemorializing those before us

9 Comments on “Memorializing those before us”

  1. Dustin

    Wow – I jumped to your blog from a helpful response on a macrumors thread regarding Apple Store employee commissions, which suggested you were employed there. I fully expected to find some liberal hippy panacea proclamation station. Instead I was bowled over by your tribute to your family and others in the service. Kudos to them for defending us and to you for recognizing and remembering them publicly. Thanks!!

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