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Why my brother won’t get his own blog, or at least a Posterous account, is beyond me. Until then, I’ll keep posting these because I think they’re hilarious. I have no idea what TW means. Is it his bike? Note the Apple sticker on the front mud guard. Is that what they call that part over the wheel?

I know Dad doesn’t like my number plate bag that I got for the bike but I really like it (it’s the black bag above the headlight). I emailed the guy who makes and sells them to let him know how much I like it and how well I thought it was made. He responded very quickly with a big thank you. He asked me to take a couple of pictures of it on the bike and I said, “HELL YEAH!” So I took the pics and sent it to him. He is going to put it on his website. Yup, me and the TW moving up in the world, we are going to be on the internet again. I’m kind of like a mini celebrity.

Annnnd my mom’s take.

You Hurst boys will be all over the internet. Better than in a wanted poster. Can I have your autograph? If you put it on a check that would be even better!

Tyler HurstMy brother – mini celebrity

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  1. Bryan

    The bike is called a TW200. TW means Trail Way and 200 refers to the engine size in cubic centimeters. The thing you called a mud guard actually is a mud guard but its called a front fender.

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