The word of the day is scenius

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The word of the season is scenius. Without the success of conferences like Phoenix Design Week (PhxDW) and PodcampAZ , facilities/communities like Gangplank and the hard-working, hard-playing scenesters of the Valley, CenPhoCamp wouldn’t exist.

CenPhoCamp exists to bridge the gap between those in the know with those who want to learn. It’s here to build on the inspiration that events like last week’s PhxDW bring to the table, but we know that just having an event isn’t enough, you must have a focus.

PhxDW catalyst Mark Dudlik attributes PhxDW success to its focus on content and community. “If you focus on those things, REALLY focus on them, don’t just say you are in some meaningless platitude meant to “inspire”, then there is no way you can go wrong.”

Now that the creatives are fired up, it’s time to get everyone else involved. Gangplank co-founder Derek Neighbors agrees.

“Phoenix has been devastated by the housing crisis and resulting recession. In times of crisis, it is imperative that people find community and bind together to move forward. CenPhoCamp epitomizes this spirit of locals helping locals and realizing that rising tides raises all boats. Phoenix could use more of this kind of collaboration.”

So join us, write about us and invite those who want to learn to CenPhoCamp and help us help businesses thrive in the new economy. Nothing can be accomplished in a vacuum and nothing is sustainable without buy-in from all stakeholders.

CenPhoCamp is also proud to announce the involvement of communitasPHX, a non-profit cultivating spirituality, community, justice, and creativity in Downtown Phoenix. With a grassroots collection of initiatives, communities, and experiments, communitasPHX is helping to imagine new ways of living and being human in the city.

CenPhoCamp is being held at Cronkite School on the downtown Phoenix ASU campus from 1-4:30pm on October 9.

Tyler HurstThe word of the day is scenius

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