What Happened To CenPhoCamp?

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I’m seldom completely satisfied with the work I do and what I ship. There’s always something that could have been done better, could have been started earlier and could have been promoted more. My life has been filled with rough drafts turned in as final copies, last-minute scrambling being good enough and a general sense of ‘I did the best … Read More

Tyler HurstWhat Happened To CenPhoCamp?

The word of the day is scenius

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The word of the season is scenius. Without the success of conferences like Phoenix Design Week (PhxDW) and PodcampAZ , facilities/communities like Gangplank and the hard-working, hard-playing scenesters of the Valley, CenPhoCamp wouldn’t exist. CenPhoCamp exists to bridge the gap between those in the know with those who want to learn. It’s here to build on the inspiration that events … Read More

Tyler HurstThe word of the day is scenius