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Art is meant to be shared. Art is meant to be discussed.

I’m a huge Gaping Void fan and want to know why YOU buy, collect or just look at Hugh MacLeod’s work. If you’d like to be on the list, pick a favorite Gaping Void print, write a blog post about it and send me the link via whatever channel you desire.

Gaping Void #100ppl is underway. Find 100 people, ask them to post about their favorite Gaping Void piece, and link them up. Here are the fans so far:

Agile Gadgets
Alexander Becker
Andrew Coppola
Ben Love
Bianca Filoteo
Bruce Lynn
Chris Lee
Christina Garland
Chuck Reynolds
Darren Herman
Derek Neighbors
Dhaval Sharma
Eugenia Andino
Greg Steen
Jack Lugar
James Governor
Jonathan Cohen
Justine Musk
Kelly Reid
Kurt J. Harden
Lisa Byrne
Liz Tunheim
Maria Brophy
Nicholas DiBiase
Noah Fleming
Pam Slim
Randy Kinkel
Shelly Bloggs
Tracy Farr
Tyler Hurst
Yuri Artibise
Zach Ellerbrook

Get off your butt and join up. We all know you want to.

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Tyler HurstGaping Void – #100ppl

24 Comments on “Gaping Void – #100ppl”

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  7. Anonymous

    My problem is that I don’t have a specific cartoon that made me a lifelong fan, as they’re all great. It was his appearance at LeWeb 2008 that did it. And it wasn’t anything he said, it was a look he gave to an audience member after a question directed to him. I watched the live broadcast of the closing day panel that he was on, and something struck me that got me to a point where I had to know more about this guy, as I didn’t know his name until the end of the panel, and I sought him out after that….

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