Share your art and become one of the #100ppl

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Hugh Macleod’s Gaping Void series rocks. I’m a fan. #100ppl is an experiment to see what a group of highly-connected, highly-passionate art lovers can do with their appreciation. To find out how, simply follow the instructions on #100ppl and see the results start to populate on #100ppl. Let’s share our passions. We’re on Facebook, too.

Tyler HurstShare your art and become one of the #100ppl

Gaping Void – #100ppl

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Art is meant to be shared. Art is meant to be discussed. I’m a huge Gaping Void fan and want to know why YOU buy, collect or just look at Hugh MacLeod’s work. If you’d like to be on the list, pick a favorite Gaping Void print, write a blog post about it and send me the link via whatever … Read More

Tyler HurstGaping Void – #100ppl

What can 100 people do with their love of art?

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Art is a gift. It changes the giver AND the recipient. But art, like a a true straight line, doesn’t actually EXIST. All we can see is the physical representation of the artist’s true vision of the world. And for this, we should all be grateful. I’ve purchased ONE piece of art in my entire life. Just one. Hugh Macleod’s … Read More

Tyler HurstWhat can 100 people do with their love of art?