Is @KennethCole run by a**holes?

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I’m never one to shy away from an argument, a bad joke that may be a little too soon or broach topics that may seem a little taboo.

But I do my best not to make important world events a tool I can use to sell stuff. Sure, I’ve made a joke saying Egypt should just activate their Stargate and making sure that the pyramids would be okay, but those were honest attempts to inject some smiles into a situation that’s very serious and very dangerous.

Apparently Kenneth Cole doesn’t share my sentiment.

Who's laughing at this?

Too soon, not funny and really tasteless. Instead of just deleting it and actually apologizing, they came back with another one.

You obviously don't understand shit, buddy.

What a bunch of jackasses. This company is actually trying to use a bloody revolution that’s IN PROGRESS as some backdrop to selling designer clothes that no one really needs. If any Americans are wondering why the world hates us, go visit the Kenneth Cole HQ in New Jersey and look around.

My god, will someone please take Kenneth Cole’s Blackberry away?

It is unknown if this man also hates puppies and lolcats.

Props to @ckanai and the Huffington Post for telling me about the @KennethColePR.

Tyler HurstIs @KennethCole run by a**holes?

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