How to apologize like a boss (unless you’re Kenneth Cole)

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So, this happened yesterday: Wow. Pretty insensitive, yeah? I see how he could have thought that was funny, and I’m sure I’ve made jokes about Egypt, but it’s still too soon. Anyway, thousands of people called him out on Twitter, which lead to an apology of sorts: Except that’s not really an apology, but more a half-assed effort made in … Read More

Tyler HurstHow to apologize like a boss (unless you’re Kenneth Cole)

Is @KennethCole run by a**holes?

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I’m never one to shy away from an argument, a bad joke that may be a little too soon or broach topics that may seem a little taboo. But I do my best not to make important world events a tool I can use to sell stuff. Sure, I’ve made a joke saying Egypt should just activate their Stargate and … Read More

Tyler HurstIs @KennethCole run by a**holes?