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Need an excuse to meet friends for a rocking Happy Hour? No? Good. Wait, someone does? Okay, this Thursday from 4:30pm until whenever Nick Bastian and I will be celebrating #TD100k at Monti’s in Tempe. Let’s talk SOPA/PIPA, what a loudmouth you think I am or even about Monti’s owner Michael’s run for Tempe mayor. Or you can just show up for the drink specials. Either way, Thursday, January 19, 4:30pm until Happy Hour ends.

Are you ready for #TD100k?

I’m under no illusion that quantity equals quality. I also know that online followers don’t equal offline popularity, my Klout score is good only for getting free promotional items and that most people would take one look at my Twitter stream and say, “WTF is wrong with this guy?”

But hot damn, this is pretty fun. For the past four-ish years, Twitter has been a platform for my thoughts, a place to share fears and ideas and a way to connect with the geographically disparate. As someone who thinks faster then he can talk, it’s an ideal medium for me and millions of others to get whatever we’re thinking out of our head.

I have no goals with Twitter, save one. But they’re not follower goals, not amount of tweet goals or even goals like getting new clients or making money. My one goal is to have fun. Period. And being the loudmouth I am, I’m having a blast. As I approach a staggering amount of tweets on m personal account, there’s plenty I’m thankful for, but who wants to read a long list of crap? (Yeah, I kinda do, too)

In no particular order:

1. Met Corey Nagle, whom I reply to the most.
2. Discovered Gangplank.
3. Met Derek Neighbors.
4. Met Samuel Richard and through him met Katie Charland, my future wife.
5. Got a job with Amanda Vega.
6. Lived in NYC and Chicago for a summer.
7. Met Peter Shankman and was invited to a most-expenses paid birthday party in Manhattan.
8. Been on local news.
9. Been on World News Tonight.
10. Lost weight and buffed up, thanks to Vin Vallejo.
11. Won a pig hat.
12. Was convinced to quit drinking after seeing the aftermath on my Twitter feed.
13. Met the Torch Theatre people.
14. Dated some fantastic women.
15. Written for the state’s most popular PR blog.
16. Discovered Everything Is A Remix.
17. Had a support group anywhere I had internet access.
18. Went to my first PodcampAZ.
19. Ran the last PodcampAZ.
20. Presented on-stage wearing an “I Love Cox” tshirt.
21. Learned how to write better. Kinda.
22. Know a guy in Argentina and consider him a friend (Carlos Miceli).
23. Met Amanda Rykoff from NYC, and I’m fairly sure I inspired her to do more. I think.
24. Annoyed my family.
25. Thoroughly embarrassed myself, for the world to see.
26. Made myself laugh.
27. Made other people laugh.
28. Learned that sending a photo of your penis is a bad idea.
29. Posed in form-fitting Spanx.
30. Discovered that auto DMs don’t really bother me that much.
31. Started to think in Twitter-sized chunks.
32. Really, really hate text speak.
33. Realized that asking for followers sucks.
34. Discovered that popularity doesn’t mean anything unless you impact lives.
35. Get that all most people want is some recognition.
36. Found that encouragement goes a long way.
37. Learned that the women who breastfeed in public are very defensive about it.
38. Had a weird stalker of sorts.
39. Really, really abhor text speak.
40. Don’t get why educated PR people would use so much text speak on Twitter.

41. Made enough enemies in my industry to guarantee I’ll never work for an agency.
42. Made enough silent supporters to know that most people don’t want to see me fail.
43. Understand that sometimes, people just want to laugh and be surprised.
44. I really don’t like lists.
45. Managed to get my Dad on Twitter.
46. Pretty sure I convinced Matthew Berry to start Tweeting.
47. Watched the Tucson shootings happen as real-time as possible, via Brahm Resnik.
48. Watched the Hudson crash unfold.
49. Cringed as the Mumbai shootings were reported.
50. Know more about world issues than most people that read daily newspapers.
51. Totally get Android versus iPhone.
52. Will never give up my iPhone.
53. Was part of a 20-minute, Chandler local TV segment with Urban Tea Loft.
54. Learned that when I’m mad and typing, I can be entertaining.
55. Understand that personal attacks are pointless and 99% bullshit.
56. Don’t really know why I’m still writing this.
57. Started to figure out why people seem to dislike so many others.
58. Still amazed that I can type and send pictures to almost anyone in the world at any time.
59. Don’t understand how anyone can follow thousands of other accounts.
60. Think we’d all be better off if we were just honest.
61. Still don’t get trending topics or the people that seem to love them.
62. Also still wonder why everyone doesn’t love Twitter.
63. Self aware to the point it hurts.
64. Also, Twitter is a perfect excuse for truncated or sentence fragments.
65. That timing rules above all.
66. I’m really getting tired of this list.
67. Oh, DMed my future wife instead of asking for her number until our third date.
68. Understand that shipping is most important.
69. Am having a blast.
70. Started StorytellersAZ podcast.

See you on Thursday!

Tyler HurstThoughts on 100k Tweets

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