The ring I bought Katie

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Katie is a very particular girl. She likes her vegetables prepared a particular way, chooses old movies she’s watched tens of times over new ones and has a favorite pair of pants that I’m fairly sure she’d wear every day if she could (the green Old Navy ones).

When I first thought about buying her a ring, I had a few criteria. One, it couldn’t have a huge, protruding stone because, well, she’s accident prone and I didn’t want to contribute to that. Two, I didn’t want to buy the biggest, most expensive ring that my credit would allow, as I really, really didn’t want to enter into a marriage more in debt than I was before. And I needed a ring that reflected her personality: understated, but really shiny when it wants to be.

I looked at jewelry stores, pawn shops and even Craigslist in search of something that fit. Nothing seemed to. Everything either had a protruding stone or was far too loud for her, but after nearly six weeks of searching, I found the perfect ring.

We both love it.

Tyler HurstThe ring I bought Katie

16 Comments on “The ring I bought Katie”

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  2. CallKathy

    That is a beautiful ring. I love the reasoning behind it. Channel settings always do better for those who actually use their hands. You did good!

  3. Melissa

    The ring is perfect! You and Katie are soul mates. I love the ring personally, it is the style I was looking at before Chris proposed to me.

  4. Anonymous

    Yay! Congrats to you both! That is a beautiful ring, but even more, a beautiful sentiment. Love to you both!

  5. Amanda

    Katie told me about the proposal, the ring, talking to her parents… everything and I wanted to tell you how genuinely happy I am for both of you, and how impressed I was by all the thoughtfulness. You’re both very, very lucky and at least one of you is very, very smart:)

  6. Bryan

    Very nice choice Ty, I love it! Did you get a matching wedding band, or are you going to wait until later?

  7. Pammy V

    I love how this whole thing is about Katie – from the old movies to the green pants to the ring – she’s very lucky to find a guy who “gets” her. Awesome. :o)

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