Linchpin inspires food drive

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I’m a Seth Godin fan. His latest, Linchpin, inspired me to do a helluva more than any book I’ve ever received. So much that I’ve given seven copies as gifts, including one to my dad.

In Linchpin, Godin often mentions the importance of gifts as a way of spreading your art. We give with no expectation of return in hopes of making a positive impact on someone’s life.

Well, this one turned out pretty well. Inspired by the book, my dad, Roger Hurst, gave a copy to his local car dealership. The owner read the book, and inspired by the same passage I was, started offering credit to those who gave to the hungry. Because I chose to share with my dad a fantastic book I’d purchased, he chose to share the same and now a bunch of families are going to get fed.

This is easily the best thing I’ve heard all year.

Give a gift. You never know what it will inspire someone to do.

Tyler HurstLinchpin inspires food drive

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