We Are All Weird – So Can You!

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Swami who bought a solar lantern (read the book!)

Facebook is an average service built for average people. Microsoft makes products for mass consumption. Apple tries to get consumers to conform to their visions rather than the other way around. Milk company promoters have somehow made us believe that milk is necessary our entire lives. Each of these groups sell their wares to masses of normal people (or provide … Read More

Tyler HurstWe Are All Weird – So Can You!

Lessons from a failure slut

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There’s shame in failure. Having an idea backfire is embarrassing. Sometimes, this means you’ll feel like s***. Sometimes, you’ll cry. Sometimes you’ll bury your head so deep no one can get to you. But failure won’t kill you. It will hurt and it may linger, and you damn well better learn from it. But what about always needing to fail … Read More

Tyler HurstLessons from a failure slut

Linchpin inspires food drive

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I’m a Seth Godin fan. His latest, Linchpin, inspired me to do a helluva more than any book I’ve ever received. So much that I’ve given seven copies as gifts, including one to my dad. In Linchpin, Godin often mentions the importance of gifts as a way of spreading your art. We give with no expectation of return in hopes … Read More

Tyler HurstLinchpin inspires food drive

Who’s your Tyler Durden?

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Motivational books are mostly ridiculous, as is nearly anything written by a self-proclaimed life coach ((Escape From Cubicle Nation, by Pam Slim, is a worthy exception)). But why would anyone capable of doing great work need inspiration from a book solely designed to do so? Don’t great artists get inspired by more everyday things like rocks, hippies and conversations with … Read More

Tyler HurstWho’s your Tyler Durden?