NYE Nirvana with Inhalem Society Grab Bag Video

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But I’d never been served a four-course, Moroccan-themed meal — complete with belly dancers — which sipping vapor from a PAX2 filled with Ideal Farms cannabis until this past December 31.

Tyler HurstNYE Nirvana with Inhalem Society Grab Bag Video

Second Sunday Cider With Schilling Cider Recap

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Our first three Second Sunday Cider events were held at the inimitable Cheese Bar. While the cider paired with cheese was fantastic, the turnout just wasn’t what we had hoped for. We wanted to try something else. We wanted it to be a community-driven event, we wanted people to have access to plenty of cider and cheese, and we wanted … Read More

Tyler HurstSecond Sunday Cider With Schilling Cider Recap

Snowdrift Cider Co is EXACTLY what I’d expect an (East) Wenatchee cidery to be

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This past weekend, while in eastern Washington for a memorial service (read about that here, if you like), I made stopping by Snowdrift Cider Co a requirement. You see, most of my family members grew up in Eastern Washington, my parents went to rival high schools in East Wenatchee and Wenatchee, and my grandparents owned an apple orchard that they … Read More

Tyler HurstSnowdrift Cider Co is EXACTLY what I’d expect an (East) Wenatchee cidery to be

Pacific Northwest Holiday Seasonal Cider Guide

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(TL;DR – seven of these nine bottles (all except for Providence and Seattle Cider’s) are available at Bushwhacker Cider at SE 12th Ave and Powell in Portland.) The bells are jingling, the turkey has been eaten, the chestnuts are roasting and holiday party season is in full effect. As the days creep ever closer to actual winter, we figured you … Read More

Tyler HurstPacific Northwest Holiday Seasonal Cider Guide

Initial Review | Bull Run Cider Gravenstein & Powerhouse

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Bull Run Cider’s label is the most intimidating cider label I’ve ever seen. It looks substantial, the bottle looks thick, and I fully expect such a thing will be found as evidence if I ever get into a bar fight. Seeing as how I had no idea Bull Run Watershed was Portland’s main water reservoir, I assumed Bull Run was … Read More

Tyler HurstInitial Review | Bull Run Cider Gravenstein & Powerhouse

Initial Review | Sorta Sweet from Portland Cider Company

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My appreciation of Portland Cider Company’s offerings have flip-flopped since I sat down with my first bottle. Drawn to their simple, straight-forward label (nutty bottle designs obscuring flavors and company names are a huge issue to me) and local-ness, my wife and I eagerly sucked down a Sorta Sweet and Kinda Dry, respectively. While I, at that time in early … Read More

Tyler HurstInitial Review | Sorta Sweet from Portland Cider Company

Initial Review | Schilling Original, Ginger & Oak Aged Cider

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My wife loves this stuff. From the first day we met Colin Schilling at Bushwhacker Cider in April 2013 until yesterday, my lovely lady has raved about the “two drinks in one” Original and now, more recently, the amazing Oak Aged (better when cool, not cold). While I’m loving the Oak Aged first, the Ginger second, and Original third, they’re … Read More

Tyler HurstInitial Review | Schilling Original, Ginger & Oak Aged Cider

Initial Review | Finnriver Black Currant & Dry Hopped ciders

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Apples, on their own, are pretty good. If Congress passed some law requiring all cider to be apples only, I’d be okay with that (you may too, considering the many thousands of apple varieties). But plain apple cider, despite all its tastiness, are GREAT when mixed with other flavorings. From apricot to cinnamon and hops to pepper, mixing it up … Read More

Tyler HurstInitial Review | Finnriver Black Currant & Dry Hopped ciders

Initial Review | Rev Nat’s Newtown Pippin

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While I’m hard at work sampling Oregon ciders as research for the SECOND version of my book (we’re doing all Oregon ciders this time), I wanted to share some of my first drafts before they get researched, edited, and made into book-worthy chapters. While I’d love to post them daily, my cider drinking budget doesn’t currently allow me to consume … Read More

Tyler HurstInitial Review | Rev Nat’s Newtown Pippin

Postcards From Gaping Void

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In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a Gaping Void fan. From prints to tshirts and books to Facebook Fan Pages, I’ve been part of Hugh MacLeod’s tribe for quite some time now. I dig his attitude, his approach to work and his ability to make people feel. That’s where his new postcards come in. This iOS app makes sending a … Read More

Tyler HurstPostcards From Gaping Void

I Am A Writer | YouAreAWriter.com | By Jeff Goins

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Motivational books have always seemed wasteful to me. As are most declarations, protests that don’t involve at least the threat of violence and the idea saying something out loud is somehow more meaningful than thinking or typing it. I’ve always associated these sort of practices as faith-based, religion-heavy figments of other people’s imaginations that they used as crutches to feel … Read More

Tyler HurstI Am A Writer | YouAreAWriter.com | By Jeff Goins

You Are A Writer | Jeff Goins | Book Review

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People like Jeff Goins piss me off. They say things* like: Choose yourself I started over and it was worth it! It takes more than talent, it takes hard work! I am fabulous and obviously better than you because I did this thing! Being helpful is more important than being clever. It’s enough to make me want to hire a … Read More

Tyler HurstYou Are A Writer | Jeff Goins | Book Review

Wordcamp Phoenix 2012

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After attending Wordcamp Phoenix 2011, and hearing from multiple sources it was not only the best WordPress conference but best Phoenix-area conference they’d ever attended, I felt bad. Not bad in that I didn’t have a good time, because it was great. I gave a short presentation, attended a bunch of sessions, met some cool people and left with a … Read More

Tyler HurstWordcamp Phoenix 2012

People V. the State Of Illusion Opening (almost) Nationwide!

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Now that Austin Vickers’s debut film will open nationwide in select cities (beginning March 2012), it’s time to share more about the profound impact this movie had on me. In my original review, I talked about the realizations I’ve made about life and how I planned to fix them. As part of this process, I agreed to attend Austin’s one-day … Read More

Tyler HurstPeople V. the State Of Illusion Opening (almost) Nationwide!

Destiny whispers softly

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“My mentor taught me that destiny whispers softly. It does not shout. It is not a bully, pushing us where we don’t want to go. It quietly nods to the choices we make. Over time, the consequences of these choices shape our destiny.” Mollie Marti, page 163, Walking With Justice I’ve never had a mentor. The closest I’ve come was … Read More

Tyler HurstDestiny whispers softly

We Are All Weird – So Can You!

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Swami who bought a solar lantern (read the book!)

Facebook is an average service built for average people. Microsoft makes products for mass consumption. Apple tries to get consumers to conform to their visions rather than the other way around. Milk company promoters have somehow made us believe that milk is necessary our entire lives. Each of these groups sell their wares to masses of normal people (or provide … Read More

Tyler HurstWe Are All Weird – So Can You!

A meaningful life – State Of Illusion Movie Review

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(I’m sure that blog posts like this are the reason my dad thinks I don’t have more clients and am not more successful in business. That being said, I don’t know of any other way to get this stuff out and I feel an obligation to share. Granted, this isn’t as inspiring as most of the other real writers I … Read More

Tyler HurstA meaningful life – State Of Illusion Movie Review

All-Star FanFest Walkthrough

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Fun time-lapse video I made as part of the DPJ’s All-Star Week coverage. First time I’ve done a walkthrough with a video camera and first time I used the time-lapse functionality on the GoPro. Background music is 0805 from Idiotape. South Korean band that played at SXSW 2011.

Tyler HurstAll-Star FanFest Walkthrough

Accidental Creative Review

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It feels wrong realizing how easy it is to make things harder on myself. Putting things off, starting new projects and avoiding tough tasks all make for a guilty feeling whenever I go to bed not having finished what I’d hoped to that day. I sit here today with less than 7k words to write in a book I’ve been … Read More

Tyler HurstAccidental Creative Review

Startups, Startup Weekend and failure

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Starting a business is hard. Running a business is even harder. Starting a business in one weekend is damn near impossible. But I just watched 13 teams develop ideas into real-world, viable models in right around 54 hours. Local food, NFC-enabled business cards, writing lessons for kids and a new way to bring back that old birthday excitement highlighted the … Read More

Tyler HurstStartups, Startup Weekend and failure

Grammarly – Write Gooder

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I’ve never taken a writing class, have little clue what most grammar terms mean and prefer logical punctuation over the nonsense American method. While I make my living as a writer, I freak out when another writer reads or mentions my work. I have no idea what they’re talking about when they use grammatical terms. Dangling preposition? Uh… Too many … Read More

Tyler HurstGrammarly – Write Gooder

Self Reliance (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

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I love the words, love the axe and love the overall message of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Self Reliance, the third book released under Seth Godin’s Domino Project (I’m a member of the street team). I wanted to love this entire book, but I just can’t. Perhaps my digitally inclined, ADHD-addled brain just can’t process long-form writing much anymore or perhaps … Read More

Tyler HurstSelf Reliance (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Gary Vaynerchuk (@GaryVee) on small business, social media and The Thank You Economy

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I’m not much of a celebrity fan. I don’t follow them on Twitter, I don’t watch them on TV and I generally avoid seeing them speak. Even most of the “web” celebs typically annoy me, as they mostly have become caricatures of themselves, spewing the kind of duh garbage they would have ridiculed years ago. Perhaps this is part envy, … Read More

Tyler HurstGary Vaynerchuk (@GaryVee) on small business, social media and The Thank You Economy

How To Fail: The Self-Hurt Guide (book review)

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This book pissed me off. While I’m only near halfway through, I absolutely loathe this book. The smug satisfaction, the elitist attitude and the nonchalance that the author displays when documenting his (mostly true…I think) failures hit me in the only place that I have little protection. My id. This book makes me feel exactly like I think I would … Read More

Tyler HurstHow To Fail: The Self-Hurt Guide (book review)

Gaping Void’s Evil Plans (book review)

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There’s nothing truly groundbreaking in Hugh MacLeod’s new book, Evil Plans. No secrets to a four-hour work week, no promise of a life lived unconventionally and certainly no instructions on how to deliver happiness. But MacLeod’s understated brilliance doesn’t lay in those areas. MacLeod’s most important point in his entire novel can be found on pages 75-79. This chapter, “Find … Read More

Tyler HurstGaping Void’s Evil Plans (book review)

Now Revolution Book Review

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If you are like me, you won’t get much from this book. If you are even marginally up to date with social media and new marketing and advertising techniques, you won’t get much from this book. If you are the arrogant sort that expects books to weave a tight narrative, you won’t get much from this book. If you are … Read More

Tyler HurstNow Revolution Book Review

Brand X T-shirts – my fav place to shop

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I don’t dress up much. Most of my days are spent in Vibrams, jeans and t-shirts. Now, you can wear jeans for a few days in a row and Vibrams for about a week, but I change my t-shirt at least once a day so I don’t look like a total slob. But I don’t want to wear the SAME … Read More

Tyler HurstBrand X T-shirts – my fav place to shop

WordCamp Phoenix just leapfrogged PodCampAZ

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(If you’re an East Valley small business or just want to learn like one, come to ChandlerCamp on February 10. We’ll give you specific tips that you can use NOW. Maybe I’ll wear my new shirt.) The 2008 PodCampAZ is one of the best conferences I’ve even attended. Packed full of people trying to do more than ever before, it … Read More

Tyler HurstWordCamp Phoenix just leapfrogged PodCampAZ

Lessons on being a good neighbor from TEDxPhxDC

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(Please don’t mistake the tone of this post as anything more than a catharsis for me.). I’ve had a tough time feeling inspired lately. The sometimes daily struggle of making ends meet, getting paid for what I do and changing my diet and somewhat lethargic lifestyle has taken its toll on me. This is no one’s fault. I’ve made more … Read More

Tyler HurstLessons on being a good neighbor from TEDxPhxDC

36 hours in NYC

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I just got back from a short 36 hours in the greatest city on earth. After spending two nights and one day in NYC to attend the Shankman Holiday Party, take pictures of Rockefeller Center and FaceTime with Katie in the 5th Ave Apple Store, I came to a realization in a Dramamine-induced dream on my flight home. I am … Read More

Tyler Hurst36 hours in NYC

I can’t believe it’s not Spanx! – Compression Shirts Day 3 Review

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When I think of tank tops, I think of wife beaters. When I think of wife beaters, I think of rednecks. When I think of rednecks, I think of a guy in a wife beater doing his best to look tough. This tank top from Sculptees, courtesy of Fresh Pair, is the last of three compression shirts sent to me … Read More

Tyler HurstI can’t believe it’s not Spanx! – Compression Shirts Day 3 Review

Spanx Me – Day Two of My Compression Shirts Review

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(Fresh Pair sent me three pairs of men’s compression shirts this week. Their designed to enhance pecs, reduce gut and make us non-hardbodies look a little less soft. I’m posting daily, and will have a video review of them all after.) Okay, I didn’t REALLY wear men’s Spanx yesterday. The brand I had on was Equmen and it was quite … Read More

Tyler HurstSpanx Me – Day Two of My Compression Shirts Review

I’m wearing men’s Spanx today

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Apparently Spanx just isn’t for women looking to flatten their bellies and bootify their rears. They have Spanx for men now, too. And no, the kind I’m wearing doesn’t enhance my package or bootify my rear. It’s a shirt designed to de-mantitty my pecs and flatten my belly a little bit. While Katie claims I’m not fat, my Wii says … Read More

Tyler HurstI’m wearing men’s Spanx today

In-N-Out versus Five Guys – who has the better burger?

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I’m not much of a burger connoisseur. I’ve never ground my own meat, think the Angus mushroom and Swiss from McDonalds is pretty good and don’t often grill in my backyard. I like my steaks medium rare, toppings kept to a minimum and my buns fresh. Like any man’s man, I do get the craving for the occasional burger, though … Read More

Tyler HurstIn-N-Out versus Five Guys – who has the better burger?

90 photos in 90 days

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Being a photographer has a certain cachet that on the visual artists can truly appreciate. They use equipment available to most anyone, choose their subject based on instincts we all possess and manage to create an image that most of could not replicate organically. The best are able to pause time in a way that we know isn’t real yet … Read More

Tyler Hurst90 photos in 90 days

Tweet House – Party – USS Midway

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There’s no way partying on an aircraft carrier should be legal. Sure, it’s not like it’s in service nor do they even allow public access to the really cool areas, but there’s something that feels naughty about striding onto the massive ship. Massive the say the least. Holy crap, I’ve never seen anything not on land that was this big. … Read More

Tyler HurstTweet House – Party – USS Midway

The Jane NYC

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(Much thanks to regional traveler and aspiring author Wayne Turner, who’s currently on sabbatical penning a novel about dating, for the heads up on The Jane. Oh, and he really is 5’8″.) There aren’t many hotels to stay in Manhattan that are under $200 AND give you enough peace of mind to sleep at night. Sure, hostels are an option, … Read More

Tyler HurstThe Jane NYC

Scribe SEO works for me

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Writing a story is fairly simple. Pick a topic, determine a theme and give it some sort of plot. Most online writers don’t have to worry too much about word count, keywords and tags. Well, unless you want everyone to find it, because ‘though content rules, if no one can find it, no one can read it. Enter Search Engine … Read More

Tyler HurstScribe SEO works for me

My HARO experience

Tyler HurstReview18 Comments

When I watched the nightly news as a kid, I always wondered how news stations picked people to interview. Was it random? Was there an application process? Thankfully, a few years in journalism showed me it was connected people that always seemed to get sourced. Guys like Richard Laermer do it all the time. So much in fact, he wrote … Read More

Tyler HurstMy HARO experience

Proud to know Mark Dudlik

Tyler HurstReview7 Comments

Mark Dudlik is a bit of an enigma. He either hates people or is scared of them, and seldom ventures outside of his work-to-home-and-back routine. In fact, most people who Dudlik counts as friends hardly ever see him. Whether he suffers from some sort of disorder or just doesn’t like anyone is irrelevant. He managed to put most of that … Read More

Tyler HurstProud to know Mark Dudlik

Escape from Cubicle Nation

Tyler HurstReview5 Comments

Cover via Amazon Yes, I received a copy of this book for free. Yes, I left it in NYC and then purchased the audiobook and listened to it. Once. But I never wrote anything about it. I never followed Pam Slim‘s rules, I never bothered to make a plan and I didn’t think to take responsibility for my own business … Read More

Tyler HurstEscape from Cubicle Nation

Five things every event must have

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Image by tdhurst via Flickr There are far too many bad events out there. From events about Twitter to marketing events that seem cloned, it’s tough to stand out and be useful. Here are five things every successful event must do: 1. Make the event about the participants, not the speakers or the organizer. -SOUNDS easy, but it’s tough not … Read More

Tyler HurstFive things every event must have

140 Characters is the best Twitter book yet

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Email changed the way we communicate. Texting changed the way we write. Twitter changed the way we think about writing. Seriously. Communication is becoming more succinct. It’s more targeted. Dom Sagolla’s new book 140 Characters (affiliate link) explains exactly that. As one of the 14 founders of Twitter, @dom has an unmatched perspective on Twitter’s conception, but that’s not really what the book … Read More

Tyler Hurst140 Characters is the best Twitter book yet

PhxDW Recap

Tyler HurstReview6 Comments

It all started with a letter. Phoenix Design Week, the largest independent design fair the Valley has ever seen, was conceived, planned and executed solely by the collaboration of a large group of volunteers. PhxDW was created to showcase what makes our home a player on design’s world stage. Spearheaded by the reclusive Mark Dudlik, PhxDW is the solution to … Read More

Tyler HurstPhxDW Recap

Purple Cows, Tribes and Brandjacking

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Picture a giant billboard, half-filled with everything anyone says about you. Good, bad or ugly, it’s all up there for the world to see. Let’s also say you’re a rather public person, so a good portion of the commenters are haters or complainers. If I told you that I’d sell you the other half for a monthly fee so you … Read More

Tyler HurstPurple Cows, Tribes and Brandjacking

New tshirt!

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New shirt, courtesy of @brandxtshirts. Thanks to vid.ly for the video.

Tyler HurstNew tshirt!

Luxury brands and social media

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Buyers of luxury goods aren’t like most of us. They aren’t concerned with price, they aren’t concerned accessibility and they aren’t concerned with having lots of options. They want the best. I want to know what makes those consumers different. I want to know how luxury car, watch, consumer electronic, fashion and shoe companies can use social media to reach … Read More

Tyler HurstLuxury brands and social media

Here a Ford, there a Ford

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I’m not a car guy. I can check my oil, I can change my tires and I can replace the air filter. Anyone beyond that and things get fuzzy. Imagine my surprise when Ford’s PR team contacted me for a test drive, along with (at least) @austinmiles, @dpatricklewis and @fortyagency, to test out and share my thoughts on the 2010 … Read More

Tyler HurstHere a Ford, there a Ford

The road to 13.1 miles

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You want to accomplish something? Make a goal. Work at it. Get through the dip. And if that goal is anything fitness related, find a good gym. I finally have one. Competitive Fitness is a Crossfit gym, which means they don’t use weights in the traditional way. No bench press, no bicep curl stations and no Soloflex machines, just lots … Read More

Tyler HurstThe road to 13.1 miles

Kabuki responds to customer tweet during Happy Hour

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Had this sent to me by Julia72 last night. Great story of a restaurant using social media monitoring appropriately, responding directly to customers needs and earning some great props in the process. Her words are in italics. I was in a sushi place tonight for happy hour waiting for some friends to show up. I asked if they had any … Read More

Tyler HurstKabuki responds to customer tweet during Happy Hour

Chris Anderson is so, so wrong

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This man, who apparently thinks the future of everything is Free, refuses to use the words journalism and media in some attempt to reshape the way he views the world. In this interview, he says he doesn’t read newspapers, but then admits to reading articles sent to him through RSS or Twitter. What he’s saying is that media and journalism … Read More

Tyler HurstChris Anderson is so, so wrong

Love the #140conf, but really?

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Standards promote usability. Standards allow us to easily share ideas, work on projects together and access information anywhere. So why did 140conf creators choose RAYViewer for their rebroadcast of the 140conf? I have no flippin’ idea. We can’t download it to watch it during a commute or easily show it off to our friends. (edit: apparently you can watch presentations … Read More

Tyler HurstLove the #140conf, but really?

Milan Hybrid

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No, I haven’t had sex in the car. But it’s crossed my mind. Besides loving the bluetooth-enabled system that downloaded my iPhone info and allows for hands-free calling, the feature set on this puppy is ridiculous. Ten buttons on the steering wheel, along with 20ish on the dashboard. My laptop was easier to figure out. Quiet and drives great. Questions?

Tyler HurstMilan Hybrid

PodCampAZ, Day 1

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I can be a bit of a pessimist about Arizona. Maybe it’s the heat, maybe it’s the fact it’s so spread out, or maybe I’m just getting old, but I don’t have much hope for this place as a creative hotspot. There aren’t any random places to hang out and meet people, nothing within walking distance that everyone goes to … Read More

Tyler HurstPodCampAZ, Day 1

PodCampAZ, Day 1

Tyler HurstReviewLeave a Comment

I can be a bit of a pessimist about Arizona. Maybe it’s the heat, maybe it’s the fact it’s so spread out, or maybe I’m just getting old, but I don’t have much hope for this place as a creative hotspot. There aren’t any random places to hang out and meet people, nothing within walking distance that everyone goes to … Read More

Tyler HurstPodCampAZ, Day 1