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It feels wrong realizing how easy it is to make things harder on myself. Putting things off, starting new projects and avoiding tough tasks all make for a guilty feeling whenever I go to bed not having finished what I’d hoped to that day.

I sit here today with less than 7k words to write in a book I’ve been working on since February, a new client that’s sure to cause trouble but will hopefully allow me to rampage Twitter with a real purpose and lesser paying but still important projects that I’m slowly becoming over-involved with. It’s weird how my business, and by business I mean writing, interests are seldom about money, they’re always about doing cool things.

Not finishing necessarily, but doing cool things.

Finishing is tough. It requires of me constant dedication for a few days to emphatically paint my last stroke, but for some reason I fight it every time.

Business-minded people will likely tell me to shut up, finish the job and get paid. And that’s what I should do. And it’s what I will do. Eventually.

But this kind of procrastination is a double-edge sword. It shows that I really do like and am proud of what I create, but it also shows I’m more addicted to the process than the result. I just really like to write, but I’m not sure I’m totally in love with producing things by writing.

It’s a weird feeling.

In his upcoming book The Accidental Creative, Todd Henry writes about the need to establish an environment and a ritual, creative or not, to constantly be able to produce anything cool.

I can hear those in the creative industry sighing a collective “duh”.

So how do you balance physical health, client responsibilities and creative rhythms all at once? I surely can only do two of those things, albeit not at 100%.

I suppose I should have known this already, but sometimes it takes a bit of a push and maybe a cool acronym (F.R.E.S.H. is in the book) to get you going.

I guess this was never supposed to be easy, right?

(Disclosure–I’m a member of the Accidental Creative Street Team and received the book for free. Well, I guess I traded my time to receive a copy of the book, but it’s not like he offered free books for everyone who signed up. I very likely would have bought it anyway, and I thought I had pre-ordered the Kindle version when the book was first announced but I did not.

The link is an affiliate link to Amazon. In the future, go ahead and assume every link that leads to a chance to buy something is an affiliate link. Then go buy it. Being a freelancer won’t get me rich and it’s cool to receive money show up in my account for seemingly no reason at all. Or sign up for my newsletter, the first edition of which I have yet to write.

Also, I have a podcast coming out which was inspired by the Accidental Creative podcast. Man, I miss writing silly stuff like this.)

Tyler HurstAccidental Creative Review

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      1. Obstacles that people who work alone face and how to deal with them.
      2. Yep. Usually record at 7pm every other Tuesday. Will let you know.

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