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There’s no way partying on an aircraft carrier should be legal. Sure, it’s not like it’s in service nor do they even allow public access to the really cool areas, but there’s something that feels naughty about striding onto the massive ship.

Massive the say the least. Holy crap, I’ve never seen anything not on land that was this big. Tweet House started on the second to top level, which we’ll call the hold, mostly because I do not remember what the hell its real name is. And this hold is HUGE. It was easily two football fields long and probably as wide as one. Small planes, flight simulators, the Tweet House lower stage and various sponsors were spaced out across the area, allowing for easy access to just about everything. April Eden (who’s obviously had quite a bit of work done) took over interviewing mostly sci-fi actors after William Shatner, LeVar Burton and Brent Spiner left the stage.

If it sounds like I got there in the middle of Tweet House, well, I did. After I consumed a natural energy drink made from yerba mate, Katie and I headed up to the flight deck AND HOLY SHIT THERE WERE PLANES AND HELICOPTERS UP THERE. Lots of them. We went in a few of the helicopters and were a bit surprised how big they actually were, then realized they were built to carry about twenty men and gear, so after that they’d be pretty cramped.

After we both got down nearly creaming ourselves over the cool as hell display of air-based firepower, the Tweet House stage beckoned both of us. Some pretty decent bands there. The night consisted of us walking back and forth from hold to flight deck, craning our necks to see if we knew anyone. Katie nearly jumped with glee after I pointed out she was one foot from Spiner in line for a hot dog, and organizers Steve Broback, Jason Preston and Brett Schulte were all gracious to the both of us for tweeting and attending.

This was DEFINITELY California, though, as Katie repeatedly made comments about the dresses, or lack of, on most of the ladies. And seriously, I understand they want to look good when they party, but damn, most of the getups were pretty hideous. While this party was the official Screen Actor’s Guild ComiCon party, I was pretty horrified at what struggling actresses consider fashionable now. While I didn’t feel out of place in my 7s, Vibrams and signature tshirt (literally, as my shirt had my signature, my twitter handle and the sharpied signatures of a few choice people on it), the outfits were a sight to behold.

We couldn’t handle the party all night, as the long drive, late afternoon run and the cool, moist air tired us out pretty quick. 10:30 rolled around and we were out.

Good party, great location and a fun trip to Coronado Island and San Diego.

Some of these pics are from on the WAY to San Diego. I’ll let you figure those ones out.

Tyler HurstTweet House – Party – USS Midway

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