Spanx Me – Day Two of My Compression Shirts Review

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(Fresh Pair sent me three pairs of men’s compression shirts this week. Their designed to enhance pecs, reduce gut and make us non-hardbodies look a little less soft. I’m posting daily, and will have a video review of them all after.)

Okay, I didn’t REALLY wear men’s Spanx yesterday. The brand I had on was Equmen and it was quite comfy. I even took it off without separating my shoulder – key is to roll it up a bit, cross arms and pull straight up – and really enjoyed it. It was warm, breathable and felt like a compression recovery sock.

The Spanx model I have on today is of similar design, but quite different in material and fit. One, it’s much thicker, which contributed to the slight sweat you see in the pic – I rode my bike right before yesterday’s picture, too – and it’s itchier. No, I haven’t yet washed it!

The men’s Spanx feels far more like Under Armour heatgear. The fabric weave also feels quite similar, as it fits more like a super-tight undershirt than a compression shirt designed to hold some places a bit tighter than others.

It does make me LOOK a lot buffer, as hopefully shown in the picture and yes, I am wearing a shirt over it.

Anything you’d like to know?

Tyler HurstSpanx Me – Day Two of My Compression Shirts Review

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