Spanx Me – Day Two of My Compression Shirts Review

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(Fresh Pair sent me three pairs of men’s compression shirts this week. Their designed to enhance pecs, reduce gut and make us non-hardbodies look a little less soft. I’m posting daily, and will have a video review of them all after.) Okay, I didn’t REALLY wear men’s Spanx yesterday. The brand I had on was Equmen and it was quite … Read More

Tyler HurstSpanx Me – Day Two of My Compression Shirts Review

I’m wearing men’s Spanx today

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Apparently Spanx just isn’t for women looking to flatten their bellies and bootify their rears. They have Spanx for men now, too. And no, the kind I’m wearing doesn’t enhance my package or bootify my rear. It’s a shirt designed to de-mantitty my pecs and flatten my belly a little bit. While Katie claims I’m not fat, my Wii says … Read More

Tyler HurstI’m wearing men’s Spanx today