I’m wearing men’s Spanx today

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Apparently Spanx just isn’t for women looking to flatten their bellies and bootify their rears. They have Spanx for men now, too.

I DO have muscle underneath the chunk.

And no, the kind I’m wearing doesn’t enhance my package or bootify my rear. It’s a shirt designed to de-mantitty my pecs and flatten my belly a little bit. While Katie claims I’m not fat, my Wii says I’m obese, and this shirt it seems to be helping.

Oh, and the shirt I have on today is NOT from Spanx, but rather from Equmen, which I assume is British, mostly because the models on the site have that “I’m better than you because I’m good looking AND have a cool accent” air about them. (My bad, they’re Australian, which is even more bad ass, though I can’t see Mick Dundee in this shirt.)

Fresh Pair was generous enough to send me shirts from three different companies to review and I plan on wearing one per day. My thoughts so far:

1. They keep me warm, like an athletic compression shirt
This is good, because it’s under 60 degrees in Phoenix right now. It’s also not making me sweaty like most cotton undershirts do.

2. I now know what women who wear fitted tank tops feel like
This shirt is tight and I don’t mean cool. I can’t pull it on, and don’t have a chance getting it off, without some sort of rolling method. No elbows!

3. It stays tucked with ease
Too many of my undershirts come untucked easily (pro tip: tuck you undershirt into your underwear, then your dress shirt into your pants or just let it hang) but these stay down no matter what. They’re a little longer than normal, which helps tons.

4. No logos is super nice
Most of my Under Armour shirt have logos on them, making it tough to wear under a white dress shirt. These new puppies are all white, without seams or logos. No show through anything!

5. They don’t pull like Under Armour
The weave pattern forms to my body a bit better than Under Armour, which means no pressure on my gut after I finish a meal. I’m very welcome to this.

I have three shirts, which I’ll wear for the next three days. Expect from video and pictures, as well as my thoughts on which brands I like best.

Tyler HurstI’m wearing men’s Spanx today

11 Comments on “I’m wearing men’s Spanx today”

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