Love the #140conf, but really?

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Standards promote usability. Standards allow us to easily share ideas, work on projects together and access information anywhere.

So why did 140conf creators choose RAYViewer for their rebroadcast of the 140conf? I have no flippin’ idea. We can’t download it to watch it during a commute or easily show it off to our friends. (edit: apparently you can watch presentations individually, but you can only download as 100mb+ flv files. FLV files? How can I watch that on a mobile device without hours spent encoding? Grrr.)

Seriously, use watermarks (or whatever the digital equivalent is), add ads in the beginning and end or make me check some box saying I won’t sell it.

But dammit, let me watch it the way I want to.

Tyler HurstLove the #140conf, but really?

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