Five things every event must have

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Image by tdhurst via Flickr There are far too many bad events out there. From events about Twitter to marketing events that seem cloned, it’s tough to stand out and be useful. Here are five things every successful event must do: 1. Make the event about the participants, not the speakers or the organizer. -SOUNDS easy, but it’s tough not … Read More

Tyler HurstFive things every event must have

Kabuki responds to customer tweet during Happy Hour

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Had this sent to me by Julia72 last night. Great story of a restaurant using social media monitoring appropriately, responding directly to customers needs and earning some great props in the process. Her words are in italics. I was in a sushi place tonight for happy hour waiting for some friends to show up. I asked if they had any … Read More

Tyler HurstKabuki responds to customer tweet during Happy Hour

Love the #140conf, but really?

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Standards promote usability. Standards allow us to easily share ideas, work on projects together and access information anywhere. So why did 140conf creators choose RAYViewer for their rebroadcast of the 140conf? I have no flippin’ idea. We can’t download it to watch it during a commute or easily show it off to our friends. (edit: apparently you can watch presentations … Read More

Tyler HurstLove the #140conf, but really?