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In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a Gaping Void fan. From prints to tshirts and books to Facebook Fan Pages, I’ve been part of Hugh MacLeod’s tribe for quite some time now. I dig his attitude, his approach to work and his ability to make people feel.

That’s where his new postcards come in. This iOS app makes sending a postcard-sized Gaping Void creation, complete with up to eight lines of my own sappy well wishes, anywhere in the world. I can send a standard postcard for cheap, as well as ecards for .$99 (the first three ecards are free), to clients, friends, family, lovers, ex-lovers, somebody I’d like to know and colleagues.

As of August 31, I’ve been selected as one of his beta testers for the new app. I received early access and 50 free (analog) postcards that I can send anywhere in the U.S.

But I’d like your help. Who should I send these to? I’ve already gone through a few wedding invitees, my family, a few social media friends and anyone in my address book that I have an address for, but in the spirit of meeting new people and trying something different, I’d like to know who YOU think I should send one to.

I’ll send a card to anyone you’d like, but I’d rather focus on people that would enjoy a postcard from me, not some celebrity or politician that will never see it.

Give me some ideas. Give me some names. Oh, and please give me their addresses, too.

(As a beta tester, I was given early access and 50 free (analog) postcards to send. I believe the app goes public this week, so sign up at the bottom of to stay informed.)

Tyler HurstPostcards From Gaping Void

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  1. Monica

    Me, Please!!! I’ve been following Gaping Void for the past year or so and his cartoons always make me smile =) Not sure if you’d like my email address or what address?? Too many to choose from these days! Thank you, thank you for your generosity.

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