36 hours in NYC

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My name on my shirt is better than business cards. Also, say hello to Tamsen Fadal.

I just got back from a short 36 hours in the greatest city on earth. After spending two nights and one day in NYC to attend the Shankman Holiday Party, take pictures of Rockefeller Center and FaceTime with Katie in the 5th Ave Apple Store, I came to a realization in a Dramamine-induced dream on my flight home.

I am both the worst, and best, kind of person enabled by social media.

I overshare constantly, but I also offer a cathartic experience to those who’ve had similar experiences.
I criticize daily, but I also connect people and help out in any way I can.
I’m honest to a fault, and can’t get an interview with most local companies.
I’m told that I’m quite talented, yet no one really knows what it is I even do.
I’m loud and talkative enough to get noticed, yet I wear my damn name on many of my shirts.
I get sent products to review and recommend to people, yet I can’t afford to buy any of it.

I’ve read Linchpin. I know how to give gifts, make art and contribute without expecting anything back. I also know how to make people feel small, when I could make them feel like rock stars.

Jason from iwearyourshirt.com (way cooler than I expected) and me in the the worst light EVER.

And yet for all my flaws, for all my dipshit commentary and every negative word I’ve ever uttered, I can’t, won’t and am unable to change. Perhaps this is what life is supposed to be like for me and honestly, I’m good with that.

I always thought I’d be rich by now. I also thought Fight Club was a fantasy movie based on a premise that didn’t really exist. I never worshipped at the altar of Tyler Durden because I actually thought I was him. My parents would probably say I’m living in a fantasy world and that it’s time to stop wearing my Vibrams, shave more than monthly and start working for a company that will pay me a decent wage in exchange for life experiences I’ll never get back.

They’ll probably tell me that it’s time to grow up. I’m not even sure what that means anymore.

Make I’m trying to figure out what scares me.

Anyone else feel like this?

Tyler Hurst36 hours in NYC

5 Comments on “36 hours in NYC”

  1. Ryan La Rosa

    Definitely feel that way man. Especially since I took the kind of job you’re trying to avoid. But despite the fact that I’m freezing my ass off, living in New York spontaneously offers the kind of life experiences that are often missed when living the corporate grind. Couldn’t say I could do this anywhere but here. I look at it as an investment to get to the point both you and I are looking for – creative freedom, appreciation for unique skills, etc. Maybe a new approach you could take?

    1. tdhurst

      You seem to have the best of both worlds, really. Perhaps I feel that my location is hampering my ability to really get out and get something done.

      I’m not opposed to working in a 9-5 type of gig, rather I don’t want to give up my life to do so.

      And I’ve definitely expanded my job search to Seattle, NYC and Portland, but perhaps making a leap requires an actual leap of faith.

      1. Ryan La Rosa

        Well, I wouldn’t say I have the best of both worlds… yet. The work environment is far different out here meaning long hours, silent offices, little collaboration, but what currently lacks in professional fulfillment is made up for in cultural experiences. Still looking to marry both worlds but I definitely felt just like you do a year ago and it basically did come down to a leap of faith. Keep the faith though. It’ll work out. It always seems to for smart, dedicated people.

  2. Peter Shankman

    You got a photo taken with the new hotness that is Tamsen Fadal. I’d say you’re doing pretty well.

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