36 hours in NYC

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I just got back from a short 36 hours in the greatest city on earth. After spending two nights and one day in NYC to attend the Shankman Holiday Party, take pictures of Rockefeller Center and FaceTime with Katie in the 5th Ave Apple Store, I came to a realization in a Dramamine-induced dream on my flight home. I am … Read More

Tyler Hurst36 hours in NYC

The Jane NYC

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(Much thanks to regional traveler and aspiring author Wayne Turner, who’s currently on sabbatical penning a novel about dating, for the heads up on The Jane. Oh, and he really is 5’8″.) There aren’t many hotels to stay in Manhattan that are under $200 AND give you enough peace of mind to sleep at night. Sure, hostels are an option, … Read More

Tyler HurstThe Jane NYC

Escape from Cubicle Nation

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Cover via Amazon Yes, I received a copy of this book for free. Yes, I left it in NYC and then purchased the audiobook and listened to it. Once. But I never wrote anything about it. I never followed Pam Slim‘s rules, I never bothered to make a plan and I didn’t think to take responsibility for my own business … Read More

Tyler HurstEscape from Cubicle Nation