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(Much thanks to regional traveler and aspiring author Wayne Turner, who’s currently on sabbatical penning a novel about dating, for the heads up on The Jane. Oh, and he really is 5’8″.)

There aren’t many hotels to stay in Manhattan that are under $200 AND give you enough peace of mind to sleep at night. Sure, hostels are an option, but unless you’re a very light traveler without expensive tech equipment, it’s tough to trust a place like that.

Enter The Jane. Part hostel and part upscale hotel, The Jane is a beauty of a sleeping porch located below the West Village overlooking the Hudson. The room I stayed, a $100 7’x10′ cabin that reminded me of an old cruise ship, had a barely-twin-sized bed, an AC unit, fan, floor to ceiling mirrors, 19″ LCD TV, drawers, space for my suitcase and an iHome. WiFi was included. Did I mention this is $100 in Manhattan? Yep.

The bathrooms were communal, with both the shower and bathroom in separate stalls. I brushed my teeth with a very nice old guy on Friday night and Saturday morning shared the sink area with a lady from Germany and a kid from Texas. Water pressure in the shower was fantastic and each had shampoo, conditioner and body wash, which would come in very handy for long-term travelers.

The lobby also had bellhops to bring bags up in the old-school, gated elevator. Mine handed me a glass bottle of water as I entered my room, a very nice touch. Again, only $100.

Besides the single I stayed in, bunk beds are available for $125 and a captain’s cabin with a queen bed and private bathroom for $275. Anyone much over six-feet tall would be hard pressed to stay in the first two rooms for more than night or two, but my 5’11” frame handled the small space just fine.

So much fun.

Tyler HurstThe Jane NYC

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