90 photos in 90 days

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Being a photographer has a certain cachet that on the visual artists can truly appreciate. They use equipment available to most anyone, choose their subject based on instincts we all possess and manage to create an image that most of could not replicate organically. The best are able to pause time in a way that we know isn’t real yet feels completely so.

It’s something I’ve always been jealous of and have tried numerous times to reverse engineer, but it repeatedly starts in a creative part of the mind that just doesn’t register to me. Anyway, my friend Don Crossland embarked on his 90 photos in 90 days project about a month ago and I’m digging what he’s got going so far.

Yeah, he lives here

Tyler Hurst90 photos in 90 days

2 Comments on “90 photos in 90 days”

  1. Jason Newlin

    Interesting, I love the idea.

    How are you going to do it? Just make a new post for every photo? Or are you going to use another web site to manage the photos?

    When are you starting?

  2. tdhurst

    I like what Don did with his. He has a specific theme that shows them off nicely.

    I'm starting Sep 1 and I haven't quite figured out how to do it. Perhaps I'll have to write the story behind every photo.

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