Destiny whispers softly

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“My mentor taught me that destiny whispers softly. It does not shout. It is not a bully, pushing us where we don’t want to go. It quietly nods to the choices we make. Over time, the consequences of these choices shape our destiny.” Mollie Marti, page 163, Walking With Justice

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I’ve never had a mentor.

The closest I’ve come was my Highline Community College professor, Dr. T.M. Sell. He was and is a political science and journalism professor, and I was a reporter and editor on his staff for over a year. He taught me a framework for writing that I still use, he showed me the importance of integrity (journalistic or not) and also encouraged me to keep trying even when I most certainly did suck.

Walking Justice author Dr. Mollie Marti’s experience with Judge Max Rosenn sounds like it was ripped from an idealized world we all dream about. Her tribute book to such a great man gives a glimpse into the life of a person almost too perfect to be real. Like the crazy old Supreme Court Justice in Sorkin’s West Wing that wouldn’t step down until Glenn Close’s character was ready to step up – despite poor health, crazy guy knew he was better than most other judges on his WORST day – Rosenn was born to be a judge. He was meant to be both a leader and a servant, a man who loved his wife and his life.

Marti mentions, more than once, Judge Rosenn’s relentless desire to publish opinions and to see the law in context every time, something that is far too rare today. Too many of those in public power seem to shy away from taking a side and when they do, they make unfair comparisons with blanket generalities. Not Judge Rosenn. Here is a PDF link to Judge’s Uncommon Lessons.

Marti provided me an early release PDF copy of this book for free, but was not compensated for this review. Walking with Justice: Uncommon Lessons from One of Life’s Greatest Mentors is available through Amazon or other fine booksellers.

Tyler HurstDestiny whispers softly

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