Wordcamp Phoenix 2012

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After attending Wordcamp Phoenix 2011, and hearing from multiple sources it was not only the best WordPress conference but best Phoenix-area conference they’d ever attended, I felt bad.

Not bad in that I didn’t have a good time, because it was great. I gave a short presentation, attended a bunch of sessions, met some cool people and left with a renewed interest in learning how to dive into the WP backend.

I felt bad because I figured no subsequent event would be able to come close to what they pulled off in 2011.

I’m happy to say that Wordcamp Phoenix 2012 didn’t disappoint. Tons of great people, even more relevant sessions and a whole lot of learning in just three days.

While I didn’t present this year, I was asked to moderate a session on how agencies work with WordPress, and I’m proud of how the four panelists did.

Good luck next year!

Tyler HurstWordcamp Phoenix 2012

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