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While I’m hard at work sampling Oregon ciders as research for the SECOND version of my book (we’re doing all Oregon ciders this time), I wanted to share some of my first drafts before they get researched, edited, and made into book-worthy chapters.

While I’d love to post them daily, my cider drinking budget doesn’t currently allow me to consume that much that quickly. If you’re in a giving mood or would like to bankroll my Oregon cider sampling adventure, feel free to support my habit via PayPal. Email me for that link.

But I digress. In contrast to my reviewing methods last time, which consisted of me and two friends buying $130 worth of cider and sampling them bottle by bottle for over two hours, this time I’m sampling one bottle at a time and finishing it that same night (with my wife’s help).

Each of these reviews are my first, completely stream of consciousness, thoughts on what I’d just tasted. Look for a new one every Monday.

Newtown Pippin by Reverend Nat
“God that’s good. It’s good. He’s so good,” says my wife after sipping Newtown Pippin from a fancy stemless wine glass.

Rev Nat's Newtown PippinIt’s beery — like Heineken beery, not Bud Light beery. The straight-forward flavor smacks of honey, tart apples smoothed over time. No spice, no push — you’ll either love or hate this cider. But it appeals to both the dry and sweet fans, so I can’t see many people hating on this.

There’s real apple juice here. In fact, a less alcoholic version of this would be great with eggs, ham, (bacon is overrated and you know it, and hashbrowns. Not that I’m seriously consider drinking this for breakfast — though my interest is rising — but I can see you doing it. Or someone.

Right now, I’m sipping this with pretzels after a spicy taco meal. Elk meat, in fact. Newtown Pippin’s quick finish makes my tongue feel less fiery with every sip. This is a great way to introduce new people to cider.

You can find Reverend Nat’s Newtown Pippin at Nathaniel West’s (that’s his non-cider-hero name) cidery in NE-ish Portland, Bushwhacker Cider or Portland-area grocery stores.

P.S. I realize that’s a horrible pic, but hey, that’s what I put up on Untappd.

Tyler HurstInitial Review | Rev Nat’s Newtown Pippin

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