Who’s your Tyler Durden?

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Motivational books are mostly ridiculous, as is nearly anything written by a self-proclaimed life coach ((Escape From Cubicle Nation, by Pam Slim, is a worthy exception)).

But why would anyone capable of doing great work need inspiration from a book solely designed to do so? Don’t great artists get inspired by more everyday things like rocks, hippies and conversations with strangers?

No. Artists are inspired intrinsically. They are inspired to give gifts. They are inspired to ship. (Seth Godin‘s words coming right out of my mouth.)

Linchpin inspired me. It inspired me to want more, to do more and to give more. That doesn’t come easy, as I’d like to say I’m inspired by money and/or recognition. Something more measurable. But I’m not.

This wasn’t a realization that happened overnight, nor was it something I’ve been waiting my whole life for. It’s what happens when you have a prepared mind, a strong drive for accomplishment and the willingness to work at it.

This wouldn’t have happened without tiny little voices in my head telling me to achieve. Those voices are encouraging, they are judgmental and they are powerful. In order to get what you want and be who you should be, you need a model to aspire to. You have to know who you are, but you can’t always get there yourself. Listen.

Derek Neighbors, Katie Charland, Richard Laermer and D. Patrick Lewis are the voices that are bouncing around in my head right now. They make up my very own version of Tyler Durden.

Want help finding yours?

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Tyler HurstWho’s your Tyler Durden?

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