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If Derek Jeter did it, why not me?

I grew up wanting to be a writer, but it seems I’m more suited to be a tweeter. Never did I think I’d care much about past tweets, but now I’m very curious to read what is my online diary for the past four-ish years. Bet you’ll see a lot of funny, a lot of angry and a lot of characters.

Tweet 100k.

There were even a few people that stopped by just to see me tweet. Someone even brought their kid.

Nice of Ellen Streiff to stop by. She was on crutches and STILL made it down.

This was all Nick Bastian’s idea. We’ve had some fun together Rail-gating before ASU games, test driving the Hybrid I had for a week and a Day In The Life on the light rail.

Most real-estate people are super weird. Nick's a normal guy who also really likes the light rail.

But last night wasn’t really about me and my 100k tweets. Future Tempe Mayor Michael Monti was on hand to chat with us a bit and then went deep into his restaurant to talk politics. Monti’s La Casa Vieja is HUGE. Monti also knows Tempe history. Don’t get into a debate with him about that, ’cause you’ll lose.

I like this Michael Monti guy. Glad to see guys like Nick Bastian throwing his support behind him.

Sorry about the red eye in the above pic. So, what’s next? TD100k, the book? Maybe. Great bathroom reading. Just have to figure out how to get my archived tweets back from the Library of Congress. Should I seek out Nic Cage?

I’m also planning on releasing my 2010 NaNoWrimo effort, Mostly True Tales From My Somewhat Fictional Life, on April 1st. Thanks to help from Corey Nagle and Wendy Coneybeer, I think I’ll be able to hit that date. Will self publish through Amazon, then record chapters for Podiobooks.

2012 is going to be great.

Tyler HurstTweet 100,000

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  1. Gil Shuga

    It was fun to share in your celebration, Tyler! And thanks to Nick for arranging and Michael for hosting. Oh, and the the young man was Ellen’s son, not mine. She deserves the credit for that well behaved little guy!

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