The smartest thing I ever did was…

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(Hugh MacLeod’s Gaping Void series is one of my absolute favorites. His latest newsletter inspired me to instantly write this next passage. While there are, um, certain considerations I’ve yet to meet (but I will!), I didn’t want to save what I was thinking for a more appropriate time.)

To Katie

The smartest thing I ever did was fall in love with you. I know I say it all the time, but the past few months have been tough on both of us as I’ve struggled for clients and we’ve worked together to make ends meet. You’ve never wavered in your support for me, whether financially, emotionally, physically or spiritually, and no matter how many stupid things I’ve said or done, you’ve never even hinted at bailing.

I can’t say thank you enough, I can’t say I love you enough and I can’t do enough to repay what you’ve given me. I wake up every single morning happy you’re there and look forward to every second we spend together, from long, LONG car rides to weekends spent watching movies, even if they’re yours that I think are weird.

You’ve never wanted anything but the best for both of us and have worked tirelessly for that. You mean the world to me and I want everyone to share in that joy. There’s so much to go around.

Love you, Katie.

Tyler HurstThe smartest thing I ever did was…

4 Comments on “The smartest thing I ever did was…”

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