Strippers, blow and guns?

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There’s no room for self pity in the business world. There’s no place for self doubt in the creative world. There’s no reason to complain if it’s not a step toward a solution. And here I am doing all three.

Business isn’t going so well. Clients have scaled back or I haven’t met expectations (though they never actually tell me that). I’m supposed to be writing a book with my dad and I can barely figure out where to start. My bank account is slowly dwindling with no solid offer or contract on the horizon.

On the other hand, CenPhoCamp looks like it’s going to be fantastic. PodcampAZ is shaping up to be another success. I have cool events and helpers lined up to execute them in February 2011.

I'm not SAYIN' he did, but c'mon...

So what have I done to capitalize on my successes instead of dwell on what’s not going well? I’ve wasted my time critiquing (okay, picking fights) various people in prominent (some of them just ominous) positions both publicly and privately. I’ve tried to run harder and faster, decimating the form I worked so hard to perfect, knocking me back about four months in my marathon training. I even blew off FatOff10 because I thought I could get to a healthy weight on my own.

I have to figured out what the hell it is that I do. I need a way to make money that’s more than just an hourly wage.

This thought brought me to Josh Strebel. Josh made a goal to retire at age 35 when he graduated from college a few years ago. While he hasn’t always been successful, everything he’s done since then has been an attempt to be paid for something besides hourly work. He wants to get paid while he sleeps, he drinks and he works. His company does just that. Say what you want about the guy, and plenty have, but that kind of work ethic is something I lack.

It’s not that I’m lazy, it’s that I’m misdirected. So what do you do when that happens? Strippers, blow and guns come to mind, but we’re not there yet.

Tyler HurstStrippers, blow and guns?

10 Comments on “Strippers, blow and guns?”

  1. Elizabeth Newlin

    I think you titled it that just to titillate us into clicking the link and reading! Worked on me. 😀 But beyond the salaciousness, I liked this post because it’s venerable and honest. and interesting. What are you writing a book about? Who is your dad? Why would you want to pick fights with people? These are the questions I’m left with.

    1. tdhurst

      I wrote the headline after I finished the piece. The absurdity of the last sentence made me laugh, so I used it as the headline as a bit of a metaphor for how I was feeling.

      And yeah, good headlines get clicks. Welcome to blogging. 😉

      Book is about teaching middle-aged people and up why social media, technology and the way we communicate is important in business today.

      My dad is a manufacturer’s representative in the Pacific Northwest for safety equipment.

      I pick fights with those whom I think could do better with what they have and/or have been given.

  2. Elizabeth Newlin

    Hmm… I meant vulnerable. not venerable. effing spell-check.

    But in picking the fights, what is your expected outcome? Do you do it to spur them into elevating the quality of their work or thought? Or do you do it because you’re bitter that they are wasting their resources so you’re just trying to make their lives more difficult?

  3. @ChaoticMark

    Get away, man. Take a month or 3 and head to someplace completely alien where you’re not surrounded by your typical constraints and influences. I went to Thailand last year for Similar reasons and it was a life changing/evolving experience.

      1. willbradley

        Getting rid of your worldly possessions (they’re mostly tying you down) and crashing at a friend’s place for a month is a great way to reset your goals and way of thinking. I’ve got a friend in Osaka, counting down the days…

      2. @ChaoticMark

        The amount it costs to live abroad for a short spell is amazingly cheap. Thailand, about $600 for a month. And that includes getting out and seeing shit. Besides, ya can’t let money get in the way of happiness 🙂

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