Domino Project and AZ Writers’ Event

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I’ve been to a lot of ‘camps, ‘cons and workshops. There are tons of people who are willing to share their tech, business and social media knowledge here in AZ, and I thank them for that. While I’ve been involved in many of these events, I don’t usually learn as much as I could have. Maybe the topics aren’t all that relevant to me, maybe the speaker isn’t all that great or maybe the thought of another ‘camp teaching the same old 101 lessons is too easy now.

But I still haven’t been to a writers’ conference. I’ve never talked with other writers about how they work, never tried to learn from their mistakes and never bothered to do anything but teach myself. Inspired my by involvement with the Domino Project Street Team, Jeff Moriarty and I think it’s time to get local writers together.

Not just writers, though. We want storytellers. We want podcasters. We want PR people, ad guys/gals, scriptwriters and photographers. We want anyone who makes a living or a hobby crafting, sharing and telling stories to and for other people.

Our first meeting is March 1, from 7:30-9pm, at Gangplank. We’re looking for people who have ideas on what they’d want to see, have something to share or even help organize.

See you there.

Tyler HurstDomino Project and AZ Writers’ Event

10 Comments on “Domino Project and AZ Writers’ Event”

    1. Jay Thompson

      Ah crap. I have a joint Redevelopment Commission / Gilbert Town Council meeting on the first – from 7:00-9:00. Go figure, this meeting happens once/year. Keep us posted on the next one!

  1. kathy howe

    Love the idea! Cannot make it down from Sedona for March 1, but keep me informed. Want to drop in at a later date. Don’t know if I can lend much but I know I can learn much!

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