12News LunchCast with Brahm, Jose and Elise

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Being on TV is fun, even if you have nothing super important to say. I’ve somehow been asked more than a few times to appear on the local news, and it’s always been a really cool experience.

The following video is the second half of an appearance by me, Jose Gonzalez and Elise Redlin-Cook. I was asked by Brahm Resnik to find two other people and three topics to talk about during his new LunchCast segment, and Jose and Elise volunteered.

During the first two-ish minute segment, we talked about the overcoverage of Charlie Sheen and AZ’s obesity problem, and the second part, which you’ll see below, we riffed on a question posed by Debbie Walker about the AZ state gun.

Jose won for best answer. Yes, I realize my error in mentioning the P38. Bond’s first Walther was obviously a PPK, but he does use a P99 now. (Yes, I know the video is in Flash, but I can’t do anything about it.)

Tyler Hurst12News LunchCast with Brahm, Jose and Elise

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  1. Bryan

    The P38 is an Army issued can opener. I have one on my keychain and I love it. I highly recommend it to anyone.

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