Who’s that guy? My bro.

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Love that my brother gets excited about stuff like this. My entire family probably looked at these pictures and thought about how fun it was. Well, maybe not my sister. She was probably too busy mixing vanilla vodka and Diet Coke.

I’m that guy you see going down the freeway and you say, “Man, he’s lucky.” or “Geez, I should get one of those and he’s hauling two.” or “That lucky SOB, I’m going to work and he’s going riding.” or “Must be nice.” hahaha, I got to be “that guy” when I hauled the bikes to ride with Dad. I’m still the other guy too when I see a truck hauling a camper, four quads, and a boat. Know what I mean?

He doesn’t give a crap about the iPad (although I’m sure he knows about it), has a phone that can be run over and still function and has zero interest in social media. Yes, we’re related and yes, we get along, and yes, sometimes that surprises me. But god damn, it’s fun.

Tyler HurstWho’s that guy? My bro.

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