Who’s the guy?

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(More unedited goodness from my bro. This stuff cracks me up.) Check out my posts. I’m a posting maniac. I have to upload the pics to photobucket and then link them to the site. Whose that guy with the sweet muddy bikes in the back of his nice truck, thats me, I’m the guy.

Tyler HurstWho’s the guy?

Who’s that guy? My bro.

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Love that my brother gets excited about stuff like this. My entire family probably looked at these pictures and thought about how fun it was. Well, maybe not my sister. She was probably too busy mixing vanilla vodka and Diet Coke. I’m that guy you see going down the freeway and you say, “Man, he’s lucky.” or “Geez, I should … Read More

Tyler HurstWho’s that guy? My bro.