Franco’s Fun Bus with Laurie & Mary Jane

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Cannabis parties aren’t just about bongs and flower and dabs — they can be about food pairings, too. Terpenes, those organic compounds responsible for the flavor and aroma of stuff like cinnamon, hops, and weed, pair nicely with intentional dishes.

Want something to spice up the soft vanilla of Fresh Connection PDX’s #IceCream strain? Laurie had an answer for that, as well as solutions for #J1 and two other locally-grown varieties.

Franco’s Fun Bus passengers, having rode in from downtown Portland in a traffic jam, were eager participants in our pairing demo. While we can’t be totally sure everyone was able to recognize the enhance flavor notes in the pairings, it sure was fun to experiment with so many people.

Check out the promo video below to see what a Fun Bus experience can be like.

*Cover photo from my first Fun Bus experience, which I paid $99 for and received about $75 worth of samples. At the time of the pic, I was on my fourth dab after a previous high of three. I’ve been on three busses as a guest, one as a guest dab tender, and helped host this one.

Tyler HurstFranco’s Fun Bus with Laurie & Mary Jane