Why I’m a Lemonade Detroit Supporter

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Volunteering for worthy causes is fantastic. It’s honest work, it usually involves some sort of physical labor (yay exercise), and it gives both the volunteer and those they’ve helped a good feeling.

But sometimes volunteering isn’t enough. Sometimes people need food or shelter, money or jobs. Sometimes we have to open our wallets a little bit to help those who are helping others.

Lemonade Detroit aims to do just that. Fresh off their powerful Super Bowl commercial, the corporations of Detroit look like they’re headed for a comeback. But what about the citizens? What about those still looking for work? What about those whose lives have been irreparably changed by the urban decay?

Erik Proulx and Lemonade Detroit aim to spotlight those who’ve found a different way. He and his mostly Detroit-based crew need $25k to film the next piece of his (soon-to-be) full-length documentary, and they’re not quite funded yet. Here’s my video telling the world why I became a supporter.

But I’m not the only one doing this. Hundreds—maybe thousands—of supporters from around the world have bought stickers, tshirts or frames. They’ve shared with their friends. They’ve talked it up. They’ve taken what little time they may have and used it to ask others to do the same.

Did I mention all of these people have contributed financially, too? Yep, we’re all producers now, though I have NO idea how Proulx is going to fit us all on IMDB.

Now it’s your turn. Buy a cool shirt. Buy a Gaping Void-designed sticker (I did). Buy one second of the movie for $1 a frame (I did). Share this post with everyone you know (Um…obviously).

Please help us out. Let us show the world what hard work, social capital, and a little bit of money from a lot of people can do.

If my word isn't enough, perhaps Roger Ebert's is.

Tyler HurstWhy I’m a Lemonade Detroit Supporter

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