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I’ve never seen The Hangover. I don’t know how it ends, but I do know who’s in it, that there’s a baby involved and that Mike Tyson likely punches someone. Because I’ll be watching Hangover 2 at a bachelor party in a few weeks, I figured it was time to get 2009’s most popular comedy under my movie-watching belt.

If you are reading this and somehow haven’t yet seen the movie either, feel free to watch it while reading this. I pressed play right as the transition that says “THE HANGOVER” appears on screen after the new Face told the bride they’d lost Doug.

If you’re an angry person who hates spoilers (Corey Nagle), don’t read this, but don’t get all mad at me because the statute of limitations on spoilers has long past. To prove to you how serious I am, KEVIN SPACEY IS KEYSER SOZE THE WHOLE TIME and I never even saw The Usual Suspects.

Tyler HurstHangover Live Blog

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  1. pammy v

    You’re so bad! (and how can you NOT have seen The Usual Suspects or The Hangover? I thought I was bad about keeping up on pop culture, lol!) 

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