Be f***ing awesome to someone today

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I don’t care who it is, who you are or who you know.

I don’t care if you’re successful, poor or scraping by.

Doesn’t matter if you’re usually a jerk or always get picked on.

Makes no difference if you’ve never volunteered or always volunteer.

Be fucking awesome to someone today. Could be your cubicle buddy, car pool pal, the lady who serves breakfast or the secretary who greets you on the way in.

Could be your lunch server, the lady who answers the phone or the colleagues on a conference call.

Tell them what you’re excited about. Ask them about their day. Listen.

In a world where we all have the ability to track thousands of conversations with many more thousands of people all at once, taking to time to do one awesome thing for one person means a ton.

Don’t filter your excitement.

Go ahead. Make someone’s day.

Tyler HurstBe f***ing awesome to someone today