Podcasting–Advertiser’s Dream

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Image via Wikipedia Why in the hell aren’t you podcasting? Yes, I know it’s time consuming and yes, I know the cost is mildly prohibitive and yes, I know that editing isn’t easy. If that seems too hard for you, try the next best thing. Advertise on podcasts. Podcast listeners are usually more affluent, more influential and more informed than … Read More

Tyler HurstPodcasting–Advertiser’s Dream

Ten ways running is like business

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1. Never leave anything for the way back No matter the distance you plan to run, always go a little further. Plot a route and when you get to the halfway point, go a bit further. Just like in business, under-promise and over-deliver. You’ll be better for it. 2. Stop going in circles I never, ever run on a track. … Read More

Tyler HurstTen ways running is like business

Smackdown on BlogTalkRadio

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What is web 3.0? How about web 2010? Should we care? Does it matter? Why is Foursquare dangerous? How many times do I interrupt people? Find out all this and more on BlogTalkRadio, hosted by Steven Groves.

Tyler HurstSmackdown on BlogTalkRadio

Smackdown on BlogTalkRadio

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We get what web 2.0 is. It’s about us, talking to ourselves. But it’s time to talk about what’s next. Now that we have a flood of information coming at us from every angle, we need filters. Smart ones, not dumb filters that can’t think for themselves, but constantly adapting methods of giving us ALL the data we need and … Read More

Tyler HurstSmackdown on BlogTalkRadio

Guys have (weight) issues too

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Guys have always been taught that weight seldom matters. Be rich, be powerful, be successful and women will flock to you. But it matters. To some of us, it matters more than others. To begin: I’ve been bulimic. I’ve been diagnosed bipolar, ADHD and clinically depressed. I’ve weighed as much as 245lbs and as little as 155lbs. I’ve gained and … Read More

Tyler HurstGuys have (weight) issues too

My brother the hunter (w/ pics)

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I’m two years older than my brother and almost three inches shorter. He bought his first car before I did, got married before I did and learned to be an adult waaaaay before I did (or will, I suppose). We share a love of playing wiffleball and catch, and the occasional video game, although he’s convinced I cheated at them … Read More

Tyler HurstMy brother the hunter (w/ pics)

More funny from my sister

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I sent my family the twitpic linked to below. Never one to pass up a chance to make fun of me, here’s my sister’s response. No, she’s not on Twitter, but she should be. Hi @BdHurst_7312009_deviledegg_bluebird_Tony, I’m confused: “Star crossed lovers @tdhurst and @beveykidd first date @gangplank“: 1. When did @tdhurst become a star? 2. Does @tdhurst have a girlfriend? … Read More

Tyler HurstMore funny from my sister

Gangplank: an idea, not a building

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Communities require a sense of place. Communities require good people. Communities require a certain kind of attitude. Combine that with businesses that have something to sell and you have something special. Gangplank is the embodiment of everything above. It’s inclusive, it’s useful and it’s spreading. If you don’t get it, stop thinking of it as a building, think of it … Read More

Tyler HurstGangplank: an idea, not a building

Ideas, not pricey production, rule

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These guys at least LOOK like rock stars. Man, remember when making music videos use to be expensive and really hard? Love this bit made by brothers Kelley and Michael Robinett (and Kelley’s kid…I think). I wonder how much companies would have paid an agency to do something like this? Sure the production value could use some work, but the … Read More

Tyler HurstIdeas, not pricey production, rule

Thank you for being a friend…

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Join Don and friends for a goodbye at Sidebar tonight (Monday, June 22nd) at 8:30pm. I’ll be there in spirit. He’s worked at the Apple store. He’s worked for a music mag. He started a modern design mag. He started an entertainment mag. He’s a photographer, dog owner and member of the YMCA. He supported downtown. He went to museums. … Read More

Tyler HurstThank you for being a friend…

Logan’s (my sister) tips for a safe holiday weekend

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In response to my mother, who told us to stay safe and wear sunscreen: Stay safe: My degree is in Safety and Health Management, trust me I got that under control. As long as I have my BFF (vodka) I’m pretty much invincible and for some reason extremely creative. Stay sane: I will insure a dose of vodka every 3 … Read More

Tyler HurstLogan’s (my sister) tips for a safe holiday weekend

Celebs & Twitter A-Listers don’t give a shit about you

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Read that headline again. Once more. Guy Kawasaki doesn’t care about you, Diddy doesn’t care about you and Britney Spears sure as hell doesn’t care about you. Please STOP talking about them. We know social media is filled with people looking to gain followers. We know there are tons of real-life celebs who don’t engage with their followers. Life is … Read More

Tyler HurstCelebs & Twitter A-Listers don’t give a shit about you

So I have these new business cards…

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I’ve never had business cards that weren’t given to me by the company I worked for. Now, finally, I have some that are uniquely me. I am now a card-carrying, digital communications, social media asshole (douchebag sounds better, but some dude already appointed himself). They look like this: And my brother’s: Last and certainly least, my sister’s take: Yep, those … Read More

Tyler HurstSo I have these new business cards…

You cannot create a viral video!

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I’m job searching. I’ve been job searching so long that nearly every job description is starting to sound EXACTLY the same. Still, some things stand out, especially in the marketing field. …”create viral videos,”… Listen, I know those companies are trying to sound with it. I know they’re trying to sound hip. They are missing the point. You cannot create … Read More

Tyler HurstYou cannot create a viral video!

Taking care of my sister’s cats

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Instructions from my sister to her roommate. Logan left for four entire days. Taking care of my precious kitties, One and Two (AKA Boy and Girl, Lucifer and Hades) Taking care of One and Two is a huge responsibility, I hope you are ready to take this on. I have written out a detailed list of how to properly care … Read More

Tyler HurstTaking care of my sister’s cats

Christmas at the Hurst home

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There was some confusion as to who gets what bed, as Bryan doesn’t have a bed in his room anymore. Bryan called dibs on Tyler’s bed and gave Logan’s bed to Tyler. Read on for more. To my foolish misguided brothers- My name is Logan. I am your sister. I know you try to forget about me, for your jealousy … Read More

Tyler HurstChristmas at the Hurst home

Look who made businessweek.com…

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Hells yeah, I did. The story might not about me, but I’m definitely the most interesting source. http://ping.fm/MUdUA Yes, I still am looking for a gig. tyler@tylerhurst.com twitter.com/tdhurst

Tyler HurstLook who made businessweek.com…

Letter to the CEO, Part #3

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After my initial meeting, I was asked to write a job description for a Social Media Strategist position. Thanks to help from @sheila_dee, I submitted one, along with this letter. David, please see the attached Social Media Strategist description. It’s fairly broad, as I wrote it thinking more of it as an entire department, rather than one position. It is … Read More

Tyler HurstLetter to the CEO, Part #3

Letter to Pearson CEO #3

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Third time’s a charm. I took a different approach to this email. Instead of emailing it directly to our International CEO, I included our North American CEO and all the Executive Vice-Presidents that I knew about. It worked. I’ve managed to arrange a face-to-face meeting with the Executive VP of Marketing for the first week of December. Now I just … Read More

Tyler HurstLetter to Pearson CEO #3

More tales from my sister…

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My sis can’t say the letter ‘G’ very well. She pronounces ‘giraffe’ as ‘draft’ and we can’t get her to even say ‘Geraldo’. So what happens when they new lady’s name starts with a ‘G’? Hilarity. “Who is my new disability management representative at you ask? Well hername is Sandi, Sandi Grafalo and we both support the same organizationfor safety … Read More

Tyler HurstMore tales from my sister…

Thanksgiving for my family…

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Email republished without my sister’s permission or knowledge. What is she going to do, sue me? Besides, it’s really funny. It sounds like there is going to be so many people at Hages for thanksgiving. BOO! I just want to watch TV, eat, watch TV, eat, maybe a movie or TV then bed. No social interaction needed. And especially with … Read More

Tyler HurstThanksgiving for my family…

Letter to Pearson CEO #2

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My first email, sent last week, went unanswered. Here’s my second attempt. 1. Intel, IBM and Mozilla (Firefox) have techs that monitor twitter allowing for nearly real-time feedback for people with questions. That could be an excellent free tool that teachers could use to do the same. Search.twitter.com would be all that is needed. I used this to find out … Read More

Tyler HurstLetter to Pearson CEO #2

Today I wrote my CEO…

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…whom I’ve never met, an unsolicited letter about social media. Here is the email in its entirety. I figure I’ll either get fired or promoted. Why doesn’t Pearson have podcasts? Why aren’t we interviewing actual teachers, showing them what we’re working on, and them asking them for input in a transparent, completely public setting? We could ask them their views … Read More

Tyler HurstToday I wrote my CEO…

Letter to Pearson CEO #1

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…whom I’ve never met, an unsolicited letter about social media. Here is the email in its entirety. I figure I’ll either get fired or promoted. Why doesn’t Pearson have podcasts? Why aren’t we interviewing actual teachers, showing them what we’re working on, and them asking them for input in a transparent, completely public setting? We could ask them their views … Read More

Tyler HurstLetter to Pearson CEO #1